Facebook remains one of the best social media platforms for businesses to operate on. Having said that, there is definitely a big difference between a company that knows what it’s doing on Facebook and one that doesn’t. If you know how to do things properly and use this platform for business, then you will gain a lot from it.

Staying on this topic, you’re about to be treated to a whole host of crucial information regarding Facebook for business. More specifically, you’ll see some top tips on how to properly use this platform and see the desired results.

For the full list of tips, check out the content below:

Create A Proper Business Page

I’ve seen many small business owners use their personal Facebook page to promote their company. This may seem like a convenient idea, but you really need to create a proper business page. A page will seem fairly similar to your personal profile, but with a few key differences.

For one, Facebook business pages can be ‘liked’ meaning your posts will appear on people’s news feeds. Secondly, these pages come with a whole host of tools that your business can use, such as the ability to add contact details, your business location, and promote the page. It’s relatively easy to create a business page on Facebook, but you can always contact the Facebook support number if you’re struggling. Or, if you want to convert your personal profile to a business page.

This is the first step in how to use Facebook for business, now you can focus on driving people to your page and getting lots of likes.

Add As Much Info As Possible To Your ‘About’ Section

Arguably the most important part of your Facebook page is the About section. Here, you will explain to everyone what your business is all about. The wrong thing to do is to keep things very brief and hold a lot of information back. Many small business pages on Facebook don’t even bother to fill in this section, and it harms their engagement and likes.

The key is to provide all the important information that people look for when they click on a business page. This includes your contact number, website link, a short description of your business, a map pointing to your location (if you’re looking for foot traffic), opening times – and so on.

All of this information is visible in a preview of your About section that people see when they click on your page. You can then add additional stuff such as the story behind your company in the main About section tab. This isn’t as important, the crucial part is adding all the info mentioned above, as this helps entice people to like your page or not.

Promote Your Page Using Facebook Ads

Facebook has an advertising platform built into the website that allows businesses to promote their pages. This is made more effective by the fact there’s a targeted feature in the ad platform too. You get to choose who sees your adverts, meaning you can gain targeted likes for your page. This benefits your business as the people liking your page should be interested in it and more likely to engage with your content or be converted into customers.

The targeting feature is easy to use and lets you choose who to target based on location, demographics, and audience. So, if you run a local business, you can promote your page to people that live in your local area.

It’s so simple and so effective at gaining targeted likes.

Join Different Networking Groups

Another clever way you can try and use Facebook to your advantage is by joining a leads group. If you run a quick search, you’ll find there are lots of business networking groups on this site that you can be a part of. All you have to do is join the page – some are public, and some are private – and you’re in.

The beauty of these networking groups is that they give companies an opportunity to get together and promote each other’s businesses. You may find companies in the group that could suit your small business, and decide to come up with some sort of partnership where the two of you benefit from one another. Likewise, you might find suppliers in this group that you can work with too.

You see, Facebook isn’t just about designing your own page and promoting it. You can also be active on the platform and mingle with other businesses to see results.

These are the best tips on how to use Facebook for business. Create and work on your business page, but don’t forget to engage with other companies on the platform too!