Top Tips on Effective Large Banner Design For Your Startup Business


Vinyl banners continue to be a powerful marketing tool, especially for small local businesses. In fact, every outdoor banner generates sales worth $5.97, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. A large percentage of people give in to impulse buying, and a banner can tap into this common human trait, especially if designed creatively, says New York Banners, a leading banner printing service for large outdoor custom vinyl banners in New York.

Here’s a look as some useful tips to keep in mind while designing an eye-catching banner.

1.   Focus on Branding

The best way to help your target audience remember your brand is to remain consistent in your branding across different platforms. So, the color scheme, logo, font, etc., should remain consistent on your website, letterhead, print advertisements, online advertisement and more. This is also true while designing custom banners & opting for vinyl banner printing.

2.   The Text & Font

To avoid the banner looking cluttered and confusing, keep your message simple, while using a large and easy-to-read font for your text. Remember, this is one place where less is more. When you convey a simple message, it is easy to understand and remember. After all, passersby are unlikely to stop to read long paragraphs of text. If you are large outdoor banners, like those in New York, make sure that the text is visible and legible from a distance. Rather than flamboyant fonts, choose bold san-serif to make your message more readable.

3.   High Quality Images & Graphics

When you give your outdoor banner for printing, make sure you also provide high resolution photographs and high-quality graphics that will not get distorted when enlarged. Also, higher quality will give the viewer a good impression of your company. Images could even become the focal point of the custom banners, grabbing the attention of passersby.

4.   Choose Colors Carefully

Although it might be tempting to make the banner very bright and colorful, too many colors will only add to the clutter and make the banner confusing for the onlooker. Also, different colors have been associated with different emotions, so research this well before making a choice. The best course of action is to stay with 2-3 colors, especially those that have been used in your company’s name and logo.

5.   Banner Location

The last, but crucial, aspect of custom banners & vinyl banner printing is to choose where your banner will be displayed. In fact, maybe starting out by choosing the location can influence how you design the banner for maximum impact. It could guide your message and your color choices too.

Most importantly, be creative. Only when you have some different or unique to offer will you stand apart from the competition. And, don’t forget to choose an experienced and talented outdoor banner printing service that also offers same day banner printing services.