Top Tips to Make Your Workplace Safe for Visitors


Business owners and entrepreneurs have a long list of responsibilities to take into account. Each and every day, they need to worry about finances, marketing, customer relationships, the general state of affairs for their businesses, and so on, but one of the absolute priorities for every business owner or person in a position of authority simply has to be health and safety.

Statistics show that millions of people get injured in workplaces every single year, and it’s essential for business owners and those in management to find ways to keep their workers safe while going about their day to day business, but it’s equally important to consider the health and safety of customers, clients, and other visitors to your workplaces and premises too.

Laws on the matter can vary from state to state and place to place, but it’s generally agreed upon that property owners have to keep their business premises in a safe state and warn visitors about any possible hazards or threats to their safety, doing all they can to ensure that everybody stays safe and avoids any injuries.

Of course, it’s impossible to eliminate every single possible threat and danger, and a simple fact of life is that accidents can happen when we least expect them and dangers can arise from the most innocent of situations sometimes. However, there are many steps you can take to help your business locations become safer for everyone. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Make Use of Signage

One of the simplest and most effective ways you can start to take action to make your business premises safer and more welcoming for every guest is to make clever use of signage. Various signs and symbols can be placed all around the premises to alert your guests to any hazards and help them avoid dangers.

Professional signs are clear, consistent, and to the point, immediately telling those in the area whatever they need to know about nearby dangers and threats, so they’re often much more efficient and effective than other options, and they can be customized and designed in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your premises.

Install Handrails and Other Protections

Another very simple way to make sure that your business is as safe and sure as possible for any visitors, as well as being safe for workers too, is to make sure that the proper safety precautions and preventative measures are installed throughout the building in key areas.

For example, handrails and guard rails should be installed alongside staircases, smoke and fire alarms should be fitted throughout the building, fire extinguishers should be available in emergency situations, and so on. There are many examples of these kinds of precautionary measures, and there’s no such thing as being too safe.

Inform Visitors of Hazards Before They Arrive

It’s also recommended to actually communicate with visitors before they arrive at your premises and inform them of any particularities about the location that they might need to know about. You can do this directly, by actively contacting visitors over the phone or by email, or in other, more indirect ways too.

You can, for example, share information on your website or social media accounts about possible safety issues at the premises and offer clear instructions for first-time visitors on where they should go and how they can expect to be greeted and attended to upon arrival.

Carry Out Regular Checks

Many startups and new businesses begin in the correct way, with a lot of focus put on health and safety and a lot of time and effort being put into making working premises as safe as absolutely possible. Unfortunately, as time goes by, in many cases, the standards of safety start to slip and that initial enthusiasm fades away.

This is why it’s vital to ensure you carry out regular safety audits, inspections, and reviews of your health and safety policies. As time goes by, you might start to identify potential areas of improvement or problems with your current safety plan that need to be addressed, or you might discover pieces of equipment or parts of the building that are starting to degrade and need repair.

Always Strive for Improvement

Following on from the point above, one of the best ways you can approach health and safety in your business premises is to always be looking for ways to get better. Never allow yourself or your management teams to settle; constantly strive for improvement and enhancement.

As stated earlier, we can never make a workplace 100% safe, with no potential risk of accidents whatsoever, and that’s why we should never simply allow ourselves to be satisfied with the status quo. Even if you’ve already got a great safety plan in place, there are always going to be ways you can make it even better.

Keep the Place Clean 

Regular cleaning of any workplace or commercial premises environment is an integral part of overall health and safety. As recent events have shown, cleanliness and hygiene can be key in helping to prevent the spread of viruses and germs, as well as simply making places more pleasant to work in each day.

Be sure to hire professional, experienced cleaning staff to take on this kind of work and put a smart cleaning schedule in place to ensure that your premises don’t succumb to the dangers of dirt and grime. Even something as simple as a little patch of water on the floor or a box left blocking a hallway could become a serious slipping or tripping hazard, so regular cleaning and tidying are so important.

Final Word

Keeping visitors safe isn’t just a legal obligation, it’s a simple part of running a respectable business and valuing your customers, clients, and contacts. It’s not something to be treated as an afterthought, and it should be a clear priority for any company that truly wants to be taken seriously, so keep these tips in mind and make your working locations as safe as they can be.