Track Expenses – Cut Expenses! Top-3 Apps for Business Costs Tracking


Every entrepreneur has a charged daily schedule. Some things – like the accounting of spending – tend to become undesirable routines. There’s no more need to tolerate them with these awesome smartphone pieces of software. Let’s take a look at these Top-3 apps for business costs tracking that Freepps.Top prepared for you.

Expensify – Comprehensive Expense Reports

With Expensify you can ease up the process of coasts registration. It provides automatic report-forms, which are shareable between employees and administrators. Forbes and Wall Street Journal consider this app the best virtual accountant, which would help to control finances of any startups.

Adding information to the system becomes a uni-click operation. SmartScan technology takes the charge of collecting and analyzing information with making up detailed graphs. Integration of QuickBooks, Xero, Oracle, Sage, Intact, ETF sync and NetSuite makes it a perfect corporate instrument.

App’s interface is smooth and doesn’t need any instructions. You just connect your account to credit cards, funds etc. and receive CSV report-graphs, which are readable with the majority of accounting programs on Mac and PC.

This application provides a rapid & intuitive user experience. Its basic features include:

  • Composing expense reports with one-click scanning of paper receipts;
  • Synchronization with credit cards for payment of bills;
  • Sharing of reports via e-mail.


  • Expensify saves all original scans;
  • Keep all your expenses in one place due to the app’s interactions with a variety of services;
  • Integrated bank accounts and cards;
  • Tag transactions, which need reimbursement;
  • Built-in currency and rate-exchange calculations.


  • Some reviews mention crashes, but they happen with any software.    

Zoho – Expense Reporting and Approval

Zoho application is designed for small & medium businesses use. It provides an automatic accounting of expenses via scanning digital and paper receipts. You can link your cards to the app to let it collect all the checkouts.

The really great point about this developer is the multiplatform office kit. All software parts can stream info between each other immediately via secure means.

Interface and logic of the app deserve special attention. They both work the way to please the needs of any employee. One user may choose one or more roles for himself from these categories:

  • Administrator;
  • Approver;

Basic free version permits to connect up to 3 different users, who may split up roles at their discretion.


  • A multiplatform piece of secure software with a deep integration to brand’s programs package;
  • Connect up to 3 users for free. Each extra will cost 20$ per year;
  • Standard plan includes 10 users and unlimited cloud storage;


  • This offer may appear too expensive for some beginning startups.

QuickBooks Accounting

This operating system is available for all desktop and mobile platforms. It provides a user-friendly and easy to understand process of tracking & managing cash flow. App’s instruments allow to create automatic invoices and share them among customers. A dashboard will show real-time incomes and tag those, who owe you.

Diverse tool-set is covered in a laconic interface. Fast performance and low memory requirement are achieved by cloud technologies. Intuit – the developer – is fairly the biggest player in the CRM-market, because it sells over 80 financial applications, which constitute a powerful ecosystem.


  • A huge number of in-app tools, which are connected between each other;
  • 30 days trial period allows to make a confident decision on whether to purchase QuickBooks or not;
  • Comfortable adding of customers for supervising their payments;
  • Invoices help to hurry debtors.


  • Applications aren’t connectible with PC version of QuickBooks.


If you want to begin a startup or own a small/medium business you really should try at least one of these apps to have a strong control over your expenses. Such an approach would help you regulate cash flow. Don’t waste your time on accounting – start building future from now!