Trade Show Dos and Don'ts – A Beginner’s Guide


Whether you are preparing to set up an exhibit at your first trade show ever or are going about the trade show routine for the 100th or 1,000th time, knowing the “dos and don’ts” or overall etiquette of the trade show game is incredibly important. Specific rules, guidelines, and regulations different from event to event, meaning that you should always read all of the print and web materials you are given to make sure that your exhibit aligns with the style of the show at hand. However, remembering these more general rules will cover you in most situations.

Do train your staff specifically for trade show booth duties

Too often, companies will simply send their best salespeople into a trade show and expect them to perform perfectly on the spot. Unfortunately, the trade show environment isn’t quite like anything else, and even the best sales people can fall on their faces if they are not prepared for the challenges and rewards therein.

Take time to carefully select and train the workers you will have manning your trade show booth. You can’t prepare them for everything, but by helping them to understand the trade show environment, you will give them the weapons they need to improvise on the spot and generate leads and sales like trade show pros.

Don’t be passive with your lead generation

It’s no secret that trade show booths are a great place to generate leads, but often, companies allow lead generation to become a passive thing, whether by having people toss business cards into a fishbowl or asking them to sign up for an email list.

While these methods will get you email addresses, they won’t tell you which leads are truly high potential and will leave you with no information about which specific leads to target once the show is over. Instead of using passive methods, engage with people at your booth and around the trade show floor, and determine who are truly your best prospects.

Do worry about appearances: At a trade show, you need to generate a professional façade, and that can mean everything from sticking to a professional event dress code to not eating in front of customers.

Most professionalism tips go without saying, like not sitting around texting your buddies while customers or prospective leads are around, or not leaving big boxes and other junk blocking parts of your presentation. However, even if these concepts are common sense, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of them every once in awhile.

Don’t ignore your booth design: Making a trade show booth may seem like a lot of work, but there’s a reason that trade show professionals recommend it: it attracts prospective customers and generates leads. Remember that on the trade show floor, you are competing with dozens or even hundreds of other companies for the same general market. A visually striking trade show stand will give you an immediate advantage by helping you stand out from the crowd.

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