Every trade show comes with its own set of dynamics that can be used to get more out of each show. However, creating a buzz and connecting with your leads can go a long way to increase your overall client base.

The more buzz you create in the beginning, the more likely the word is going to spread around and in the long run the more people you will interact with. How exactly do you incorporate pre-trade show tactics and what are these pre-show tactics? Well, ExpoMarketing is here to guide you through every step of the way.

Reach Out to Your Contacts

Reach out to the existing client base and let them know you will be at the trade show and the specific time. Create a personified environment by telling them how important it is that they show up, for instance, attract them with trade show giveaways such as t-shirts, ballpoint pens, free mugs, and other semi-useful corporate items. Remember, the giveaways do not necessarily have to contain your products logo. Free W-Fi and engaging the prospective attendees with a game is a sneaky but effective way of making the trade show a success.

Generating a buzz on social media

Easier said than done, right? There are a few tactics you can stick to, to build a buzz on social media successfully. First, research your audience, make sure the information reaches them. Try and think of the data from the user’s point of view. Would the information gathered from the trade show be useful? Second, whenever possible, show teasers.

Whether it’s a product or service, briefly outline the basics or working of the product. Nothing builds attention and anticipation like a teaser. Lastly, come up with a post that will strike the right cord. Coming up with a creatively branded hashtag will evoke a conversation and hence more prospective clients.

Familiarize with the other people in the tradeshow

Connect with your neighbors to know what they offer. This will help you avoid conflict. For instance, you might end up with a neighbor with large strobe lights, livestock or loud noise which are unwelcome surprises. If your neighbor’s presentation is likely to affect yours, you can relocate before the trade show kicks off. The whole point of the trade show is to gain more leads, come up with a strategy to visually attract people to your booth.

Create a Mailing Platform

A few weeks prior to the tradeshow, prepare a mailing based platform. You can use this to remind the clients and prospective leads about your presence and the rewards of attending the show. A simple piece of mail instructing them that they will get gifts when they drop by will suffice.

It also improves the chances of building a stronger relationship with your clients. For future reference, offer a premium gift to the prospective leads who mention the gift card. This will help increase the number in upcoming tradeshows.

Why choose ExpoMarketing?

ExpoMarketing provides trade show displays guaranteed to engage your audience. From customized trade show booths to modular rentals, ExpoMarketing is here to deliver a booth perfectly suited for your business. We guide our clients through the important aspects of a booth and the importance of having a tradeshow booth. To build attention, you have to appeal to your target audience aesthetically. Each element of your presentation must have some value.

Once you have engaged the audience right from the start, they will want to know more about your products. Booths create more awareness than written speeches, because of the visuals. With award winning displays and portable displays, the lengths ExpoMarketing have gone to make each trade show a success are truly remarkable.