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SEO performance depends on how well you understand the implications of ranking changes that keep happening. Based on your observations and analysis about changes in ranking, you may have to make adjustments in campaign strategies. However, this does not mean that you have to respond to every ranking change that you observe.  Neither it is necessary to alter SEO strategies frequently. Whether you at all need to modify the campaign would depend upon how well you can analyze the situation in the right perspective.

It applies to the search rankings that tend to change places frequently. People usually keep track of ranks either monthly, weekly or on a daily basis. If you are in the habit of monitoring the search rankings daily, it might often appear quite baffling to find the reasons for the quick changing of positions. Search rankings have innate tendencies of hopping around restlessly. Unless you get used to the behavioral pattern of the rankings, you might often get upset on observing frequent fluctuations and may even think about changing SEO strategies.

Avoid knee-jerk reaction

However, before you start making changes in SEO, which can have far-reaching effects on the marketing campaign, it is important to get accustomed to the ways rankings change. Some changes are part of the search engine behavior and are temporary about which you need not worry.  Other changes may require adjustments in the SEO strategies. In this article, we will explain the nature of the changes that can happen to search rankings so that you can evaluate its importance and impact on SEO and take a well-informed decision about whether or not to alter SEO strategies.

Rankings are likely to fluctuate

Search rankings are prone to frequent fluctuations, and you have to accept it as part of life in SEO. According to the professionals of Las Vegas SEO companies, never would you be able to stick to the same position for some time because search rankings tend to hop around.  As long as there is a particular pattern in the fluctuation and it remains confined within in a specified range, you must accept it as a natural behavior of search engines, and there is nothing to worry.

Search engine results keep shifting positions marginally in the topmost ranks, but as you go down lower in the list, search rankings change positions quite erratically and to a greater extent. However, if you observe the changes, you will discover that it follows some pattern and the fluctuation does not go beyond a certain range.  There is some consistency in the behavior in this respect. Although search rankings are not changing regularly, staying in a particular position is always a brief experience.

Set the right expectations about search ranking behavior

You must get used to the fact that search rankings will never be stagnant but move around the prime position that you acquire. Although the fluctuation happens throughout the search result page, the first three positions are likely to experience shorter shifts of one, two or three places while those down the order are likely to experience much more movement.

The fluctuation is maximum when you acquire the position for the first time among the top ranks and then after a few months when it hovers in that region consistently, the rate of fluctuation decreases. However, if significant fluctuations persist even after a few months that pushes the position down by many places, then it is something serious and needs investigation. Changes in rank position at the top level are quite common when there is the temporal result of a topic.

Get prepared to handle ranking fluctuation

SEO is a process that flourishes on continuous learning. The more you are familiar with search engine behavior, better you will be able to handle ranking fluctuations that are inevitable but does not necessitate changes to the SEO strategy.

  • Accept the fluctuations as normal as long as it remains confined within some limits, and there is no reason to panic as it follows a self-correcting mode that does not harm the SEO prospects. There is no need to doubt the SEO tactics neither it is required to make any changes to it.
  • For gauging the situation correctly, you should observe it thoroughly for at least 4 to 6 weeks continuously. If then you find the fluctuations happening erratically without following any pattern, then only should you become concerned about it.
  • You can judge well if the changes are on account of search engine behavior by looking at the nature of fluctuations of other website ranks, and if they experience similar changes, then it is clear indication that it is a result of SERP technicalities.

The minor shifts that happen are natural until you experience a steep decline in ranking that refuses to reset on its own.