Twelve Hacks For Writing Great Descriptive Content


As a student, it doesn’t matter what you are into. At one point or the other, you will have to write a descriptive essay. While using the descriptive essay format to create beautiful essays with less stress, it is important to know some descriptive essay writing hacks that will make your writing much easier. Before discussing these hacks, let’s have a quick look at what a descriptive essay is for reference purposes.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is one of the genres of essays that ask a student or an individual to describe something. This could be anything ranging from objects, location, animal, experience and so on. This kind of essay aims at providing the descriptive details of its subject. A good descriptive essay should be able to paint a picture in the mind of its readers. A descriptive essay is a kind of essay that wants to establish the descriptive ability of its author. A good descriptive essay shows that the author is able to give a good descriptive written account of an experience, a person, location, animal or any other thing.

With a basic understanding of what a descriptive essay is and what it aims in achieving, let’s see some hacks in writing a good descriptive essay.

Twelve Big Hacks For Writing A Descriptive Essay For Students

  1. Understand your professor

If you wish to write a descriptive essay that your professor will love, then you first need to understand your professor. No matter how good your essay looks, if it isn’t to your professor’s standards you cannot get the marks you deserve. One thing to watch out for is the formatting option your professor desires. Most professors prefer MLA while others might want APA. So to please your professor with your descriptive essay, you need to understand and find out which formatting option he prefers.

  1. What Pronoun Does Your Professor Prefer?

One other thing to find out before you begin writing your descriptive essay is which personal pronoun your professor wants. If you are writing an essay with a formal tone, then the normal personal pronoun will do just fine. However, for informal essays, you can’t use them and your professor will not approve of them.

  1. Use Active Voice Only

Many tend to use passive voice in descriptive essays. Not only is active voice preferable, but it is also the right thing to use. Using passive voice will definitely make your essay hard and confusing to read which your professor will not tolerate. Remember to use active voice and active voice alone.

  1. Take Note Of The Length Of Your Sentences

You might have never thought of it, but the length of your sentences really matter in your essay. Your essay is actually better when you don’t have the same length of sentences across your paper. Do well to mix up the length of your sentences. While you have long sentences, you should also have short ones to balance the equation.

  1. Run Away From Filler Words

If you want to write a good essay, then you should try as much as possible to avoid the use of filler words. Filler words are a good way to destroy your descriptive essay, and it is important that you remove them all from your essay. These words do not actually mean anything. They are there to fill up spaces and can make your essay come out unclear and terrible.

  1. Read Your Essay To Yourself

Once you are done creating your essay, it is important to read your essay to yourself again and again. This allows you to check for errors and to determine if what you have written actually makes some sense. When reading to yourself, you will definitely see some sentences that need mending.

  1. Avoid Wordiness In Your Sentences

To end up with an interesting essay, you need to avoid wordiness. Your professor will definitely strike out any essay with wordy sentences. Reading your essay to yourself is one way to catch wordy sentences and delete them.

  1. Get someone to read your essay

Before submitting your essay copy, it is really a wise idea to have someone take a look at it. There might be hidden mistakes that you didn’t figure out, and having other eyes look at your copy before submitting is just a great idea. This individual should also check to see if you got the descriptive essay format correct.

With these hacks, writing a descriptive essay will surely get easier than it used to be.