Two Factor Authentication(2-FA): What It Is & Benefits


Are you running a business? It’s important for you to have information about your customers and clients. Besides, ensuring their personal information remains safe and secure is vital to the health of your business.  Business entrepreneurs are implementing various strategies to optimize their business and enhance relationships with clients and customers. Increasing hackers and threat levels and improvement in technology mean the security landscape is continuously evolving.

As enterprise technology constantly to advance, privacy requirements are becoming a challenging task for many companies struggling hard to protect themselves. When unauthorized users access the business information, your business is on the risk. According to research, businesses don’t invest in cybersecurity resources. If you’re moving on the same track, then it’s time to change the track to ensure security.

A simple password doesn’t work perfectly to access sensitive data. One of the best effective approaches to ensuring user authentication is with “two-factor authentication”.

If you want your clients and customers under a secured roof? Then implement “Two Factor Authentication”.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Information technology department around every business is striving continuously to protect their business information from unauthorized users and hackers.

Two-Factor authentication referred to as two-step authentication or dual-factor verification. Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect clients and customers information secure and safe.

It is an effective approach to deliver an extra security layer for user accounts. As a result, implementing 2-factor authentication can significantly decrease the risk of unauthorized access.

Have you ever heard about Google authenticator? Of course many times right. It is a popular token used for 2-factor authentication. Protectimus Slim is a hardware alternative for software tokens. It’s suitable for various authentication systems such as Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Facebook, TeamViewer and more.

Online websites and mobiles application must provide high security. On the other hand, customer should protect themselves with something that makes stronger than just a 5-digit password. For many users, that additional level of security is referred to as two-factor authentication.

Benefits of Two Factor Authentication

Enhanced security

Passwords are old-fashioned!!! How many of you agree? Everyone right. Users often choose a weak password. According to the analysis, over 58% of hacked passwords are user names and ‘123456’. By implementing 2-factor authentication can enhance security.

It’s time to add an extra layer of security to every user accounts. 2-factor authentication works in a simple way. It requires two ways to identify a user i.e private password and OTP (one-time-password) to ensure no hackers or unauthorized users can access your account. Enabling two-factor authentication can be done by verifying your personal mobile number. You will receive the code through text message or voice call. Each sign-in will trigger a new 4 digit code to be entered to allow access to your account.

Boost productivity with mobility

Small and large businesses are implementing ‘Mobility’ to improve flexibility and productivity. According to CITO research, 67% of business enhances security with a focused goal of ‘Mobility’.

Want to gain competitive advantage and improve customer’s satisfaction? Mobile 2FA is the best choice for you. One of the happiest movement for employees is “Bring your personal laptop’. Allowing employees to work with their personal devices can increase productivity. Mobile two-factor authentication enables your employees to access company information securely and share files from anywhere without putting the organization network in risk. 

Reduce helpdesk costs

Helpdesk is the one-stop solution of contact. It offers centralized information and manages services to handle external and internal queries. Whether you’re running a small business or large entrepreneur, a helpdesk is a perfect solution to resolve customers complain process instantly.

Password reset can be a common reason behind customer support calls. As per the HDI survey, more than 30% of help desk generated tickets due to password resets. Can’t believe right? It’s a truth. By replacing your user password with a non-password dependent two-factor approach is the best choice for you. By implementing 2FA can reduce the burden on your help desk staff. As a result, you can reduce the helpdesk cost for your business.

Security that works for you

Will you prefer technology or tool that decrease productivity? Do you choose the software that is difficult to deploy? Of course no right.

Make your life easy by choosing 2-factor authentication.

It’s secret, the most popular security measures use by every business are 2FA (two-factor authentication) and MFA (multi-factor authentication). These solutions are evolving from the past few decades – these solutions can easily integrate and manage. 2FA offers tokenless solutions for you. It means 2FA provides unlimited 4 digits or 6 digit passcode delivery approaches. It gives users a complete versatility. Savvy user authentication tools will offer deployment flexibility, it allows you to choose from a various on-premise cloud.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays the technical department team is dealing with pressure and work demands from every side. Security measures are one of the top-notch priority. As hackers are becoming clever to access sensitive data. Therefore, admins should protect their information and network by enabling two-factor authentication. It provides flexibility, productivity and compliance services can help to grow your company.