Understanding How Digital Asset Management Software Helps Your Business


Every time you can use technology to help your business, you should do it. If you don’t, you can be sure that other companies will swoop in and utilize that tech. They are probably going to save money that way, and they’ll be able to expand while your business remains stagnant.

Some entrepreneurs resist technology. They might feel like, if they have always done something a particular way, there is no point in ever changing.

It’s dangerous to think that way, though. In this article, we’ll discuss digital asset management software, a tool you may want to have in your arsenal. Getting this technology for your business can help you in a myriad of ways.

What Precisely is Digital Asset Management Software?

Before we get into a more detailed description of a marketing asset management solution for sales, you should understand what we mean when we say “digital assets.” Digital assets include various content pieces that you can store digitally. They might consist of slide decks, text documents, pictures, videos, graphics, and many others.

You need to keep very careful track of all this content because it is your intellectual property. None of your competitors should ever be able to use it. If they ever do manage to steal it, they can base their ideas off of it. They might swipe one of your concepts before you can ever bring it to market.

Digital asset management software is a software suite that allows you to manage this content in various ways. It has security features, so other companies and individuals cannot access your intellectual property. It also helps you with storage.

The best digital asset management software also lets you tinker with the digital assets you already have. For instance, you might utilize it to work on some new graphics that you’re going to use to update your business website’s imagery. That’s just one of many potential uses, though.

What Are Some Other Ways You Can Use This Software Variety?

Let’s say you want to store your digital assets. You purchase one of the digital asset management software suites that are on the market. Different companies offer them, so you’ll want to check out what each suite features before you commit to buying one.

You now have your digital assets stored. You can learn how to use the software, and once you’ve mastered it, you can pull up any video, picture, document, etc., that you might need at any given point.

You can share them with your other team members with whom you are collaborating. You can also find assets within seconds. If you came up with a concept and saved it for later, you can pull it back up and continue working on it days, weeks, or months later.

You Can Share These Assets in Real-Time as You Create Them

You can also create new digital assets if you’re a part of your company’s creative team. You can use the software to keep a new concept private if you want to until you’re ready to show it off. At that point, you can allow your coworkers to get a look at it.

They can use the software to give you feedback, and you can incorporate their suggestions. You can use your original concept as a jumping-off point, and you can refine the idea with their help. You can do all this in the digital world without having to send the asset as an email attachment.

This means the whole asset editing and review process goes a lot faster. You can take a concept public in much less time than would otherwise be the case.

Your Sales Team Will Love This Software

Creative and sales departments also love these types of software suites. Your sales team can use the suite to pull up new or relevant content if they’re crafting an original ad campaign or they’re going to pitch a potential client an idea.

They can identify and isolate assets they can use to lure investors. They can use that content to create sales pitches that are dynamic and creative. This software lets your sales team create brief videos, slideshows, or whatever other medium they want to use that they feel will entice an individual or entity they want to impress.

If you can find the money for digital asset management software in your operating budget, it’s a wise investment. Without it, you’ll likely struggle in the particular areas we mentioned.