There has been a lot of talk lately on how talent impacts the growth of an organisation. It appears as though there seems to be a lack of truly talented people and so the consensus is that growth is attained through hard work and dedication that will make up for any real lack in skills. However, a new school of thought has broken through the ranks and there are those who now know that the environment in which you operate has a lot to do with your ultimate success. It’s an environment conducive to growth which you should be striving for, an environment that motivates us to succeed. Perhaps today’s business owners and directors should be looking to build an environment that embodies what they stand for and one that mirrors the attitudes deep within society.

A Look at Environment as a Mindset

When you get right down to it, what is environment really? One definition has it as the conditions in which you live and work. Have you ever had a job that you hated simply because nothing felt right? Everyone was always on edge and the upper ranks never seemed to be pleased with anything, no matter how great a job anyone did. How can anyone ever be motivated to do great things when nothing they ever do will be recognised? It’s this kind of culture that keeps a business always operating on the status quo. Why reach for the sky if you’ll never get there? It’s hard to get motivated when your efforts aren’t appreciated.

A Look at the Environment We Live In

Now compare this to the natural world around us, another definition of environment. When you live surrounded by beauty, the best nature has to offer, you feel at peace with your world. On the other hand, those living in inner cities in the midst of dirt and decay are often wandering on the fringes of apathy. They see no way out and live as though there is no reason to strive for anything better. Neighbourhoods remain in shambles, gangs pop up on every corner and safety is always an issue.

What One Country Is Doing for the Environment

What many companies are doing is looking to Sweden to set the stage for creating an environment in which everyone wants to make an effort to keep it clean and secure. This is evidenced in the amount of waste that isn’t generated year after year. Sweden has begun what is being referred to as a revolution. They now are globally known as a nation that uses only 1% of their landfills for household waste and of the waste that’s there, much of it is burned, not buried.

Because they have earned the recognition of the rest of the developed world, Swedes make every effort to live up to the very efforts that earned them this recognition. In keeping their environment safe for future generations, they have proven that you can draw from your environment to build on that very same environment for future growth. It’s a revolutionary concept and that’s why it’s referred to as the Swedish Revolution. Draw from your environment to build on your environment. Maybe that’s what today’s companies are lacking and they can learn from the innovations of one relatively small European nation. It’s food for thought.