Unique Promotional Products Attendees Will Use


Companies who plan to give away promotional items will need valuable products. If the products are not valuable, attendees will just throw them away when they get home. To avoid this problem, companies should purchase unique promotional items from Far From Boring. Far From Boring promotional items have value, so people will want to use them at the trade show and after the event is over.

Water Bottles And Mugs

During hot days, people will need water often. This is why water bottles are very useful items. When companies give away free water bottles, attendees will full them up with water immediately. Some people will need energy after walking around the building for hours. A helpful bottle of cold water is the best solution to this problem. However, the water bottle cannot be a cheap. Cheap water bottles will not keep the water cold. Far From Boring only offers the best water bottles. Companies benefit from promotional water bottles because people will notice their logos at sporting locations. Although water bottles are popular, some individuals may want a mug instead. A mug can hold more water, and it has a helpful handle too.


A koozie is a promotional item that helps people keep their drinks insulated. The biggest benefit to providing free koozies is that a small logo can be placed on it. When people use the product on their can drinks and bottled drinks, the koozie will remind them of the company. Koozies will be used often because many individuals enjoy drinking beverages in the office and outside the workplace. There are several options available. For example, foam koozies are made for beer cans and soda cans.

Toys And Games

The best promotional item is an item people use whenever they are bored. This is why businesses give away toys and games as promotional items. Grown-up commonly use toys when they go on a vacation. Although there are many toy options available, a Frisbee is worth considering. Everyone will want to play with a Frisbee. When they catch the Frisbee, they will notice the company logo. Games are recommended because they provide hours of fun. During lunch hours, office workers need activities to keep them busy; a promotional game is the best solution.

Tote Bags

A simple tote bag can help attendees in various ways. Handling tons of items while walking around at a trade show can get tiring. Because of this, attendees will run to any business that offers free promotional tote bags. Tote bags are reusable, so attendees will not want to throw them away. They will use them while shopping for grocery stores or during vacations. To gain the most marketing benefits, a logo should be placed on the tote using bright letters.

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