Unique Ways to Capture Great Quality Videos


In today’s world, we capture videos and photos every now and then whether it is necessary or not. Actually, it has become one of the best hobbies right now. People use smartphones, camcorders, DSLR and so on to capture their best moments including wedding, parties, celebrations and the like.

Apart from that, drones are also being used to record videos and capture your valuable photos. A drone can capture video footages and photos of those places where people cannot reach. So, you can capture more important videos (HD) and photos using a drone with 1080p camera as well.

Actually, you do not need to have a high-resolution camera to capture great videos! Yes, the high resolution of your camera helps to capture professional video footages. But what if you do not know the term by which you can take great videos?

Well. The only high-quality camera does not ensure you to capture good videos anymore. But there are a few other things to consider and ensure to have great video footage. And, don’t worry because, in this article, you are going to learn exact same things you need to know to capture great videos with your camera whether it is a DSLR or a drone with an HD camera.

Sufficient and proper lighting play a key role

Say, you have a high-quality HD camera (maybe DSLR) but you are going to capture videos whether there is insufficient light and almost dark.

Will your video quality great?

So, you have to understand the proper lighting for your video. You can ask me the below question too.

What does proper lighting for a great video look like?

No problem. If you are going to shoot in the sunlight, make sure your camera is facing opposite to it. Otherwise, sunlight may bleach out your entire video scene. The same concept should be applied to your indoor videos. Use soft lighting so that you can capture good videos.

Avoid shaky videos

What is your experience watching shaky video footages?

‘Bad’ – the answer should be.

Keep your camera consistent in position while capturing videos to have shake-free videos. Shaky videos are unable to attract your audience’s attention to your videos. You can use a tripod to resist your camera from shaking. If you use a drone with a camera to capture videos, you should keep an eye so that you are not capturing videos which are shaky.

Wow your audience with a clean and attractive background

Clean and attractive background for any video plays an important role to make the video great. But it does not mean that you will use any background with any video. Instead, select a background that matches with your video presentation. You may make video content on ‘Arsenic Pollution and its impacts’. For the background of this video, if you use the background of the sky, it will not be a great content because there is a clear difference between your video content and the background. Instead, you can use water as its background as they are related to each other. So, consider what background should be the best match with your video content and then select.

Ensure clear audio for your video

Without clear audio, your video seems to be lifeless. Audio plays an important role to make a video great. Before you hit the record button, you should check your camera’s audio recording system works properly. If you see everything is okay to go, you can start capturing your videos which should be a great video with clear audio.

Consider storage

Insufficient storage hinders you capturing good videos whether you shoot your videos with a camcorder or a drone with an HD camera. Make sure there is enough storage to capture the video. If you see the storage is not enough for your video to capture, bring external storage to replace your camera’s storage so that you never feel the shortage of storage to store your videos.

Recharge your camera’s battery if needed

If you plan to capture videos in a distant place where there is no way to recharge your camera’s battery, it will be wise to recharge your camera’s battery so that you do not have to stop capturing videos. Moreover, you can bring an extra battery with you in case it is needed. For a ceaseless video capturing, you need a full-charged battery and an extra one for emergency.

I do believe and hope that this piece of content on capturing great video will help you. Above ways will lead you to capture your expected videos. One thing is clear that only a good camera is not enough to capture a great video but knowing the unique ways shown in this article can ensure capturing a great, engaging, shake-free video.