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Busy professionals don’t have time to manage multiple applications in hopes of keeping track of contacts, conversations, and leads. They want one go-to app that integrates a comprehensive address book system with customer/client management and lead generation. The Covve contact management app is that solution.

Covve is the one contacts application that benefits every businessperson, executive or member of a sales staff,in a big company or small one.

Professionals working at brands like Deloitte, KPMG, and PWC trust Covve to keep their address books filled in, contacts categorized, and network strengthened. They trust the Covve app because it works – it keeps information safe while forging stronger connections between its users.

Address Book Auto Completion

Covve automatically populates missing contact details like location, company, industry, avatar, sonority, and social profiles. It removes duplicates to keep a clean, fully-integrated address book. A proprietary technology fills in incomplete details using publicly available resources. By easily allowing you to review and approve updates, all of your contact information is kept up-to-date across your all of your linked accounts, meaning that you’ll never have to update two address books.

Contact Categorization and Visualization

It’s more and more common to have contacts around the globe, sometimes in very remote or disparate locations. Covve will categorize and visualize your contacts for easy search and maintenance, even allowing you to tag important contacts, add categories, favorite the warm contacts to allow quick access, and archive contacts you don’t need often, such as the name of your go-to lunch spot for business trips.

A Web App with Advanced Features

Covve comes with a web app that offers cloud-based management, so you can stay organized whether you’re on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. All information syncs across devices, including filtered contacts and tag features.

With the Covve web application, you have access to your contacts in map form. This allows you to visualize where your contacts are in the world and where they may fall into various industry groups. You can explore your lists of clients, filtered in many useful ways. You can even add custom notations and track interactions and conversations.

Share Business Cards and Profile

Covve gives you a “live” business card that you can email to partners, customers and leads. Your complete profile can be sent as a V card that others can access when connected to Covve.

When you receive a business card, simply scan it into Covve and all important information is populated in the correct fields. Or, add your own data to contact cards in Covve. Set tags to filter contacts and add reminders to keep in touch.

Stay In Touch

Maintain relationships and keep your contacts warm with Covve. Your business network benefits from our app’s “In Touch” feature that prompts you to indicate how often you want to be in touch with each contact.

Update your “In Touch” preferences gradually, a few every day if you want, as Covve asks you to enter reminders regularly and then will follow up on those reminders as directed by you.

Track Communications

Record calls, texts, emails and face-to-face communication with Covve. Add notes for each call, schedule times to follow up on emails and even review your communications before you make your next call or text. You’ve always prepared with Covve.

Get Introductions and Nurture New Leads

One of the most useful features of the Covve app is actually quite smart – the app is able to help make productive introductions by identifying potentially useful partnerships with whom you share a mutual friend. You can find out who can refer you to other partners and leads without the exchange of any privileged data. If you’re looking for a certain type of professional in a specific industry, Covve will search all of your existing contacts’ contacts, to provide you with a list of potential people to reach out to. The smarts behind it will continue to grow and evolve with the app’s userbase, allowing it to make even better judgements about people who could potentially work together.

It’s the difference between simply digitizing your contact information and having a pocket secretary to help you with needs you didn’t even know you had yet, and Covve only plans to make their app even smarter.