Use These 6 High-Authority Properties to Turbocharge Your Web Presence


Your web presence could use a little work. What better way to give it the kick it needs (maybe even deserves) than to leverage the SEO firepower of the world’s most popular websites?

What’s that, you ask? You don’t have access to any of the world’s most popular websites?

Ah, but you do. You do. Each of the six properties on this list allow just about anyone to create and manage personal and corporate accounts, turning the authority their owners have worked so hard to build into SEO gold.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you should know about each.


 You probably have a Facebook profile already. Whether you use it much anymore is beside the point — it’s there, and it ranks. Do create a profile for your company, though, and regularly publish new content to it. Keep this up for a few months and you’re basically guaranteed a free first-page listing in the Google search results for your company name..


 This West Coast wealth manager has the right idea — take a page from her playbook and launch your own Crunchbase profile today. If your company is prominent enough to be featured, create a separate profile on its behalf.


 Medium is a ready-made blog with better search visibility than most. Take full advantage of its multimedia elements and internal organization features. This sports data blog uses tags and categories to great effect.


 Improving your search visibility is great, but creating an authentic, fully fleshed-out LinkedIn presence for yourself and your company has an even more practical side effect: reducing the likelihood of a case of mistaken identity. When even the richest man in the world shares a name with a random “self-employed electrical contractor,” the stakes around protecting your brand are high.


 Instagram is a mobile-first platform with very little text content, but don’t be fooled: It ranks with the best of them. Create and keep current an Instagram profile to capture mobile search traffic (and gain some new followers in the process).


 Do yourself a favor: Don’t dive headfirst into Twitter. Of all the platforms on this list, Twitter has the highest learning curve to presumed degree of difficulty ratio. In other words, it’s really easy to use Twitter in ways it’s not really intended to be used, with downside effects ranging from annoying to catastrophic.

So: start with this video on Twitter basics, tool around the platform’s help section a bit, and read a few blog posts on how to deal with trolls. When you feel ready, and not a moment before, send your first tweet.

 Better Results Are a Few Clicks Away

 Ready to turbocharge your web presence? Getting started is as easy as picking one of the platforms on this list and creating your very own account.

You know enough not to expect results overnight. No one said this would be easy, after all, and you know better than anyone that your competition is hungry. But you’re taking an important first step today. That’s worthy of celebration.