Use this Cookie Checker to Find Out if Your Website is GDPR and CCPA Compliant

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. Text: Are you ready for GDPR. EU flag. Vector illustration

The best way to ensure that your website abides by the international regulations regarding personal data collection is to use a cookie checker.

Cookies are files that your website stores on the people’s computers that visit. Through them, your site collects relevant data that may include their IP, names, email addresses, and preferences. This information is important for making future visits more seamless and convenient.

The European GDPR/ePR and the Californian CCPA regulate the use of cookies, including their marketing purposes. However, they give complete freedom to website visitors to decide how sites can collect and use their data.

A cookie checker is a software solution that helps website owners and developers. This essential tool lets you know if your website uses cookies and trackers legally. Today, we are guiding you through this process!

How is personal data collection legalized?

Cookies, cookie tracking, and personal data collection are made legal and possible through international regulations, such as:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (for European Union residents and users)
  • The ePrivacy Directive (for European Union residents and users)
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) (for California residents)

Most websites create a variety of cookies on the visitor’s device. Some of the cookies come from the site, while others come from third-party applications. As a website owner, you will rarely be aware of all the third-party cookies that your site creates. Still, you will be responsible for their data collection, too.

To ensure that all the cookies that your website uses are compliant with the GDPR/ePR and the CCPA, you should use a cookie checker. This software solution allows you to oversee all of the cookies on your site and guarantee full data protection for your users.

How to Choose a Cookie Checker!

Your best choice of cookie checker has to be a highly-effective tool that covers the compliance checklist imposed by the international regulations for personal data collection:

  • Prior consent is given to users
  • The consent banner may not have any pre-ticked checkboxes
  • Accurate and transparent information about personal data collection
  • Honest information about the purpose of the cookies that your website uses
  • All consents must be stored for future analysis and made available to the authorities when and if they request them
  • Users must have the option to retrieve their consent

Introducing the Cookiebot Cookie Checker

When it comes to cookie checkers that are GDPR/ePR and CCPA compliant, you cannot do better than Cookiebot!

Cookiebot is a cloud-driven tool that helps websites comply with GDPR legislation. It is a safe and easy solution for overseeing the cookies and trackers on your website while giving users full control over consent giving and retrieving.

This software mechanism ensures GDPR cookie compliance as well as conformity with the CCPA rules and regulations. Cookiebot comes with a series of beneficial features that both developers and website owners can enjoy using, such as:

  • Active consent
  • Well-defined granularity
  • Option to deny consent
  • A customizable consent banner
  • A cookie policy that updates automatically
  • A “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link for end-users
  • Automatic cookie blocking
  • Support for 45 different languages
  • Secure storage of user consents in a cloud-driven directory