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When it comes to content writing, EssayWritingLab notes that we must always begin from our own website. There is simply no better online PR tool than a series of compelling and error-free web content of our own. By making sure our website is conversational, informative, and neat, we are set on having a great representative of our business.

Now that you have the best tool to support your content writing career, let’s head over to the tips on how to make an excellent content. By following these simple steps, you will be able to create shareable content that further solidifies your credibility as a content writer.

Starting with keyword research for SEO purposes

Sometimes we wonder what the recipe for successful content. While many would chuck it up to the quality of the content itself, we all know there has to be something else in that equation. Often we post such informative and well-written piece, yet at the end of the day, it does not seem to attract readers. As it turns out, one of the secrets to successful content is none other than fitting keywords.

There are 7 billions of people out there, the majority of whom have access to the Internet and are constantly on the lookout for answers. This shows that the number of possibilities on what you can possibly talk about is endless. However, before you start, be sure to always begin by searching for the right keyword for it. Building a keyword based content is typically easier as you already have a guideline to focus on.

However, if there is one thing you must always remember, this does not mean you must resort to keyword stuffing. SEO may be our focal point, but stuffing as many keywords in a bid to attract more readers will negatively impact your content. Not only the readability of your content that will be impacted, your SERPs and conversion rate will also take a hit.

Readers are looking for a well written and well thought out content, after all. The moment they realize it’s only filled with strings of keywords, they will bounce off your web page. Remember, only because there is the possibility of people searching for keywords which are grammatically incorrect doesn’t mean you should utilize it verbatim into your content. Focus on the quality, quantity will most likely follow suit.

Stay away from passive voice and keep it short

Another good piece of advice on content writing is none other than to steer clear from the use of passive voice. Perhaps this is not the first time you have heard this particular advice. But do you truly know the reason behind it? Passive voice is typically the result of switching both the subject and object in your sentence. For example, an active voice will be, “the mountain lions terrorize the village.”

Instead of using that form, we often resort to “the village is terrorized by the mountain lions.” While both sentences may have the same meaning, for the most part, the passive one features less excitement. Stick mostly to the basic structure of subject, verb, an object. Are you looking for a way to add a dash of excitement that makes your writing engaging and unique? EssayWritingLab suggests the use of synonymous words.