Uses of telephone answering services in Small businesses


Many people see telephone calls as an old-school form of communication. For businesses however, telephone calls are the gold-standard when it comes to closing sales & obtaining new clients.

If someone is willing to make the effort to pick up the phone and call a company – it is likely that they have done all of their research and either want to sign up/make a purchase – or have narrowed down their options to 2 or 3 providers.

It is unfortunate therefore, that 1 in 3 business calls go unanswered. Of these, 29% ring out, with the remaining 71% going to voicemail. Nearly 3 out of 4 people will not leave a voicemail message and a large percentage are likely to go on and immediately call a direct competitor.

Some other interesting statistics include:

10am is the busiest time for business phone call inquiries

Tuesday is the busiest day for phone call inquiries

41% of calls to a construction company are missed

36% of calls to retail companies are missed

For small business owners it can be an impossible juggling act – keeping on top of all the incoming phone calls whilst actually focusing on their job. It is not surprising for example, that a builder or a shop owner cannot answer a telephone call whilst they are in the middle of working on top of a roof or serving customers!

With the increasing number of people accessing the internet via a mobile phone, the number of telephone calls businesses receive is set to increase in coming years. This is why so many small business owners are investing in phone answering service mobile phone apps.

With online reviews from the likes of Google and Trustpilot making customer service a priority, there are many reasons why you should try and deal with telephone calls in a prompt manner.