Technology makes many aspects of our everyday lives so much easier. Naturally many businesses have decided to try and carry that convenience over into their exhibit. Make sure you know the pros and cons of using tablets and iPads before you miss out on an opportunity or run into a profit-diminishing snag!

The Pros of Exhibit iPads and Tablets

If you haven’t considered using tablets and/or iPads in your exhibit, you could be missing out on some time saving benefits. These devices instantly connect you and your staff to the internet. That means you can easily reference product information and other details with just a few clicks.

Technology that is intended to be used face to face with attendees can help generate more sales. Some people are drawn to electronic devices and may feel less intimidated than they would talking to a sales person. You can present a wealth of information and familiarise attendees with your brand all while your staff meets and greets others. While you should not rely solely on technology to interact with attendees, it can give you a way to engage more people at once.

Some tech savvy professionals work smarter instead of harder by using their iPads and tablets to input data directly into databases. They can enter lead information while they gather it and eliminate the time consuming data entry session that often comes after an exhibition.

The Cons of Exhibit iPads and Tablets

Not everyone is a believer in modern technology. Older attendees may be turned off by a booth full of glowing displays. That’s why you should not leave all attendee interaction to the technological part of your exhibit. Be prepared to offer a warm smile and greeting when someone enters your booth. Human interaction is the best way to form an emotional connection and trust.

Technology isn’t foolproof. There are times when it can fail. For example, if you are relying on your iPad or tablet to enter lead information and it malfunctions, you may be stuck without an alternative. On the other hand, you may find that the web based app you use to enter the data doesn’t interface properly with your company’s database. This can lead to serious headaches or lost data which will cost you time and money.

A Technological Balance

When using tablets and/or iPads in your exhibit, remember to strike a comfortable balance between technology and human interaction. Have a backup plan ready that doesn’t require the tablet and always test out apps before you implement them in your exhibit.

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