Using Mystery Shopping Jobs To Bolster Your Customer Service


We have all seen the horror stories of poor customer service in every type of business and industry. Every owner and manager would love to believe they could do better than that. “None of those nasty problems could never happen here,” you may be thinking. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, even in the most well-intentioned companies. Why not try the mystery shopping Australia has learned to depend on? This is a fun, practical way to improve the service end of any operation while protecting the vital source of your business survival.

There are benefits galore from a properly implemented mystery shopper program:

• Specially trained shoppers see your business through the eyes of the customer
• Employees do not know the identity of these shoppers, and so have the incentive to improve their service to all customers
• Both customer satisfaction and areas needing improvement are easily measured and addressed
• Training can be applied more effectively
• Feedback is delivered immediately and in an actionable way
• Top performing employees are identified and rewarded, while lower performance is noted and addressed.

The objective nature of focused mystery shopper jobs is key to their effectiveness. You hire them as part of a provider-client relationship. Each shopper plays the role of a customer and gives you a true evaluation. They are not afraid of embarrassment or reprisals like your actual customers or employees. This simple, powerful tool is used and accepted by smart business owners everywhere.

Count on Above Benchmark for the quality mystery shoppers Australia uses to keep the wheels of commerce running. This Queensland-based Market Research firm realizes the critical importance of excellent customer service and creates specific programs to benefit each client. Visit to learn more or to get started with their full-service team of experts.