Using Promotional Products to get business booming!

There are many forms of marketing that can help boost your brands recognition and sales. Promotional products are one of the most successful means of promoting a business as they either provide a fun distraction or useful application for your customer, which helps get your company branding in your client’s memory. There are different ways they can be used and certain merchandise can be used in different ways to maximise the return of investment.

Tote bags are increasing in popularity recently due to the 5p plastic bag tax enticing people to keep and reuse the bags they have. They are perfect for sending out in the post to prospects and client’s dues to their size and light weight or can be given out in shops and trade shows. People love to receive these as they are so useful and are guaranteed to be used regularly as their new bag for life. They save the user money and are eco-friendly! Tote bags usually have an absolutely massive branding area, turning a simple cotton bag into what is essentially a traveling billboard. You clients will do your marketing for you by walking around town and shops with your logo and artwork reaching a huge number of prospects. The beauty of this product as well is that don’t have to be given out by itself. You can great a goodie bag with other printed items, promotional products such as pens, power banks, and water bottles.

Different promotional products reach their users in different ways and make different impressions. The tote bag reaches a large number of people and provides the user with a useful tool for shopping trips, other products like printed mugs provide constant advertising to one person or a group of people while also providing a useful application. Printed mugs can be a great promotional product to hand out at events or sent to clients directly because they will be used by the recipient every day for a long time, meaning your brand will be seen by them every day as well. Either that or it will be used by many people in an office or in someone’s home. Little and often is a good way to describe the effectiveness of promotional products as seeing your logo every day means that the next time they need a service you provide, your brand will spring to mind ahead of your competitors because of the brand exposure.

Knowing what to print on promotional products is important as well to make sure they have the highest chance of success. The product and the way it looks all contributes to the final brand image of your company. This means the colours and design need to reflect the image of the business. One thing to consider is the choice of colours as certain colours are associated with different feelings and emotions. You need to decide what colours and emotions suit your company and brand accordingly. When designing your products, your aim is to make it look as beautiful as you can so you need to choose complimentary colours that help your logo stand out and the type of product with the right fonts to match your brand. You also need to decide what to print on to your products as well. You want the print to not only look amazing but also mesh well with the product in order to make the product feel like a part of your brand. That means deciding if you want to keep your artwork simple and sweet or taking advantage of the entirety of the branding area to get as much information on there as possible. We would say that keeping it simple is better for marketing purposes as not only does it make the product more pleasant to look at but can also reduce the cost because the more colours you print, the greater the price becomes.

When choosing what product to go for it is important to look at what your audience is and what would appeal to them. As with all forms of marketing it is key to understand your audience as not all products interest everyone and certain things will attract certain people. For example colleges and universities usually brand items like note books and stationary because that type of merchandise is relevant to them and useful for students for their work. Having a goal in mind and something you want the promotional products to achieve is important, whether it is to increase awareness of your business, or more specific aims such as attracting a different group of people or increasing your audience and drive more sales. All of this can be achieved with promotional merchandise advertising and what is great with promotional items is that any business can use them to build their brand, no matter how large or niche the company.

Promotional products really do work and statistics show that 85% of consumers do business with a company after receiving a branded piece of merchandise from a company. Not only that but the products are kept by consumers for a long time as 58% of consumers keep the products from one to four years! That’s a lot of advertising potential from one item… Promotional products are a subtle way to get consumers to remember the company name with your brand being exposed to them over a period of time. Evidence supports this as well showing that 89% of consumers remember the name of the company on the promotional products they received in the last 2 years.

We hope that this info has helped shed some light on the world of promotional merchandising and how to get started with this kind of thing as it is a great way to drive sales, increase recognition and keep clients coming back for more. Whether you have a trade show or event coming up, a rebranding about to happen or just want to increase sales, why not give them a go and work them in to your current marketing? It’s a tried and true way to give your brand a boost.