Utilising Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is the primary way which businesses of all sizes – new and old – are connecting with their customers and engaging their target markets. With the majority of customers now choosing to interact with brands through social media almost exclusively, big efforts are being made by even the newest entrants to their respective industries.

Businesses which are not engaging directly with their customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are missing out on the opportunity to reach an audience spanning the hundreds of millions. With clever marketing tools and the ability to target specific demographics, any and all businesses should be including social media at least to some degree in their marketing plans.

#1: Social Media Marketing Builds Brand Identity

Through the clever use of social media for marketing, you can project your brand’s image in a consistent way which is wholly controlled by you. Although each social media platform has its own individual marketing environment and prowess, social media is generally a way to voice your brand’s voice and identity.

This helps build up brand identity as customers grow accustom to seeing your marketing materials and quickly begin to make connections between them and your company, especially where there is consistency and a unique tone or approach to marketing.

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#2: Social Media Marketing is Measurable

Many contemporary marketing strategies cannot be measured or measured to an accurate degree. With social media marketing, it is very easy to measure the success of your marketing strategies without having to complete any complicated tracking processes or carry out any guesswork.

There are a lot of analytical tools which show you up-to-date information in real-time, enabling you to see your social media marketing campaign’s performance and make decisions based off this real-time data. Unlike contemporary marketing, you can easily withdraw a social media post or campaign if your analytics suggest that it is performing badly.

#3: It is Easier to Engage with Other Brands

Whilst using social media marketing is a great way to leverage your own unique and high-quality content to generate leads and followers, you can also collaborate with other brands and link to external companies, articles or marketing campaigns.

By working with or referencing other brands’ marketing in your own, you build trust and reliability among your customers through exposing them to other content they find interesting. A brand which openly links to other companies’ products, posts and marketing content demonstrates to the end-consumer that you don’t just care about yourself and your sales, but you have taken time to consider what they want and like, and that by following your page they are not going to just be exposed to your own content but to other content they are interested in too.

Social media marketing is a great opportunity for all businesses in their various stages of life to access an endless worldwide target market in a cheap, easy-to-use and engaging way. Any business which is not taking full advantage of social media marketing is sure to struggle as these platforms play more of a central role in our lives.