Variety of jobs you can pursue with an associate of arts degree


The associate of arts is a degree that can be a great way to enter the professional world. It helps one build a solid foundation based on a broad range of areas and skills. There are many who wish to step into the business world but lack clarity on a certain path, while many aim to better understand a particular specialisation. For such individuals, the associate of arts is a great option as it covers a range of subjects.

This two-year program imparts knowledge of areas such as psychology, mathematics, literature, history and life science. It provides one with ample amount of expertise that can help one build a strong base for an undergraduate degree program.

Majoring in associate of arts can further help you build upon your skillset and further your chances of landing a good job. Even an associate of arts can help boost your career and give you academic as well as practical expertise. Here is a list of job options that you can go for with this degree:

  • Occupational therapy assistant: This highly rewarding job involves treating patients who cannot perform daily activities with ease. An OTA works with these folks recovering from an illness, disability or even an accident. As part of this job profile, you will be helping patients stick to a particular treatment plan of medication, exercise or equipment usage. The OTA is supervised by an occupational therapist or OP. In some cases, the OTA also helps in formulating a treatment plan if the state law permits. Though, their main function is to perform administrative tasks such as recording regular progress of the patient.
  • Human resources assistant: The human resources department is a very important part of any organisation. It is a highly dynamic area which performs a multitude of functions, most important being talent hunting. Getting a job in this arena can help one find success in terms of work and money. An associate of arts degree is useful in finding entry-level HR job. The role is extremely interesting and very useful in imbibing skills valuable in this domain. As part of the job profile, you will be required to work on policies that impact employee benefits of an organisation.
  • Operations assistant: Another well-paying and good job option is that of operations assistant. Their main function is to supervise the production of goods and services. They also perform a whole range of duties such as administrative and customer services. From reviewing merchandise, to record-keeping and answering customer queries, are all part of this job role.
  • Paralegal: With this degree, you can also take on the job role of a paralegal. The job involves assisting lawyers by performing a range of duties. This includes researching and investigating facts and also bringing in witnesses to testify. It is a job profile that leaves a lot of scope for growth. One can choose to work in a government agency, non-profit or even a corporation.

An associate of arts degree is a gateway to a range of job opportunities in a variety of fields. One can use it to consolidate their position in the professional world and then build on it.