Per 2017 state of video marketing by Wyzowl, 94% see the video as a useful marketing tool, and amongst those surveyed, 81 % saw an increase in sales and 83% of those utilizing video think it gave them good ROI.

The data above is sufficient enough to emphasize the impact and significance of using video in your brand marketing. With the evolution of the digital marketing landscape, the inclination towards video marketing is a surge. 90% of customer say video help them make a buying decision and 64% of customer say that seeing a video makes. them more likely to buy, per Forbes statistics. An increasing number of companies are putting into use various forms of video marketing tools like video blogs, video interviews, video testimonials, ads, live streams, tutorial videos, etc. to enhance their brand awareness and expand their audience base. But due to limited knowledge or lacking expertise, marketers often tend to commit blunders with video marketing which does more harm than good.

Be careful as not to make the following amateurs mistakes when trying to  upscale your brand’s name with video marketing:


 No one’s got the time to sit through a five-minute long advertisement. Human attention span is short-lived. Keep this in mind and send your brand’s message across in a crisp minute or a half video. But I have a lot of relevant content to show my audience? , you would say. We suggest you send them out in the form of series. This will help keep your target audience on their toes, and your brand’s engagement and retention will be augmented.


 You know what the quickest way to decrease your audience base? Ignoring your buyer’s preferences and shopping pattern. When all you do in advertising is talk about your brand, you start losing your viewers who if you would have been empathetic enough, would have converted into customers. Make sure your target audience can relate to your videos and are inquisitive to see what’s more in the store for them.


 Yes, you resonated with your target audience and made a powerful impression on them with a content-rich crisp brand video, but how are they supposed to get in touch with you for your service without any “where to” or “what-next”? Call to action is essential so that your views can identify you, reach out to you and enhance your conversion rate. Never end your advertising video on a blank screen, make sure that after you have your audience’s attention, they know how to go further. It could be a free sign-up, subscription request, read a case study, free trial, etc.

With more than ⅔ rd of marketers utilizing video as a marketing tool, no business can afford not harnessing it for maximizing output and revenue generation. But some things are better left in the hands of experts especially when it is something that is going to build your brand’s reputation. If you are thinking of upscaling your digital marketing skills via video marketing, we suggest you consult an inbound marketing specialist that can help you find your ideal consumer base and improve your search engine optimization.