Video Marketing Tools: Renderforest


Video marketing is the best way to promote your business online. It is an effective idea to engage the prospected audience and drive traffic to your business website. The reports state that people spend 5.5 hours viewing videos every day on average and around 20% of that time is spend on video content. This illustrates the popularity of video content marketing.

With these surprising numbers, the video content marketing is actually going to revolutionize the entire digital marketing concept in the future.

The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Business

 Videos are engaging, attractive, and more memorable for consumers. While efficient and convenient for customers, video marketing offers marketers with a sharable, attractive, and versatile medium to reach their target audience.

Video marketing has the potential to establish an emotional connection with the audience that can skyrocket your brand conversions. There are so many reasons to use video marketing for your brand success, including:

  • Increased traffic on your business website
  • Great search results
  • Enhanced conversion rate
  • Improved sales
  • Improve the time spent on your webpage

According to Wyzowl stats, 63% of brands in the market have started using video marketing. Out of them, 82% believe that a video is an essential part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing has already reached new heights and is still progressing. To get the exact idea of the importance of video marketing, keep reading this post. You will find reasons why you need to include videos in your brand marketing campaign.

1.Video Marketing Boosts Brand Conversions and Sales

 The world of video marketing is growing continuously and your business has the opportunity to grow with it. The proper use of video marketing can help you make some money. Adding a product or service video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by 80%. Videos can also lead directly to sales. The reports represent around 74% of the audience who viewed a product video, subsequently bought that particular product. So, start crafting the videos of your products now to achieve optimum results.

2.Video Marketing Shows Great ROI

According to the survey, 83% of brands feel that video marketing delivers a good return on investment (ROI). Although video marketing is not that easy without a perfect strategy, it can provide a lot on a little investment. There are many video editing tools available on the internet that you can utilize to create a video.

Also, the good news is that you do not need to be perfect in video making. It’s your content that matters. The quality of your video can be low but don’t compromise when it comes to the video content.

  1. Video Marketing Helps You in Building Trust

Trust is the base of conversions & sales and building your brand trust among your audience is a goal on its own. The whole video marketing concept relies on building trust and long-term relationships. Stop focusing on just selling your services & products and provide useful and interesting information to your visitors through videos. There is no question that some customers are still skeptical about purchasing online services or products as they fear cheating and fraud. An effective marketing video displays your products or services in a conversational way. As per a survey, 57% of customers said that videos give them enough confidence to buy online.

  1. Google Likes Videos

Video marketing allows you to enhance the time spent by customers on your business website. Longer exposure to your site builds trust and directs search engine that your website has good content. Videos play a great role in boosting the search engine ranking of your brand. Ensure to optimize your brand’s videos on different platforms like Youtube for SEO. Make catchy titles & descriptions. Include a backlink to your site, services, and products. Give your potential clients a valid reason to take actions by making interactive videos.

These are the benefits of video marketing and is still becoming more and more widespread and affordable. Making advertising videos for your brand requires innovation, knowledge of human psychology, and creativity. A mixture of these elements makes it possible to generate real miracles of video marketing at minimum cost. Creativity is the whole point of video advertising and only creative videos survive.

To promote your brand through video marketing, you need to make creative videos and for that, you certainly need the assistance of a video marketing tool. An appropriate video marketing tool can help your brand spice up and boost your video marketing initiative.

Let’s know how a video marketing tool can work for your brand:

 Video Marketing Tool: Renderforest

 This is a free in-cloud video making tool. Renderforest can be used by anyone including marketers, photographers, and vloggers who are looking to make videos to enhance their business awareness. This online video making tool helps you in creating intro videos, promotional videos,  slideshows, explainer animations, music visualizations, and more. This tool is completely easy to use and you do not need any technical knowledge to use it.

Key Features

  •  Renderforest helps you in creating a clear and concise brand video.
  • Offers different ideas to build impactful brand videos.
  • Helps you in explaining your brand idea and conveying your brand message clearly.
  • Boosts your brand conversions and sales.
  • Brings more awareness with a clear video pitch.
  • Helps you in articulating your brand idea in 1 to 2 minute.
  • Makes a strong emotional impact on your audience.

This video marketing tool that can be used by both startups and pro businesses.


Undoubtedly, video marketing is taking away all the limelight when it comes to successful brand promotion. You can use a video marketing tool like Renderforest to create impactful videos to engage the desired audience and to generate more business leads.

For the latest video marketing tools and strategies, you can take help from different sites like My Venture Pad. Keep browsing similar websites to get new and creative business ideas and set your brand up for success.