Virtual Vitality – 5 Ways A Virtual Office Can Strengthen Your Business


 Finding solutions to the possible problems your company can encounter is a constant challenge for any business. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, one sure-fire way to gain strength in the business is to minimise costs and consolidate resources. A virtual office offers several advantages for companies from all sectors, especially those who do business mostly online and/or via phone. Check out for more information about the facilities virtual offices can provide.

Professionals from all walks of life can benefit from the use of a virtual office for a variety of reasons. Examples of those who could find a virtual office space advantageous to their organisation or projects include freelancers who do not have a permanent base but often visit client offices or work from home, small businesses that do not have the means to rent a space of their own and companies who are expanding to other markets but do not yet need a physical office in the area.

If you fall into one of these categories, let’s look at some of the ways in which a virtual office can help to bolster your business.

Improve Flexibility For Employees And Executives

As a business solution, virtual offices allow company employees and executives to have more flexibility. When necessary, they can access the office and desk space allotted to them in order to carry out tasks which need their physical presence and, on other occasions, they can work remotely from home or wherever suits them best, allowing them to also take care of other areas of life if required. For example, being able to not take holiday days to be at home with a child or change their timetable in order to make an appointment for medical or administrative purposes, means that people are able to work around their schedule.

 Access The Best Talent Anywhere

Working remotely with a virtual office or often several in different parts of the world allows

companies or freelancers to contact and engage with talented individuals from all over, thus not limiting them to one marketplace. For self-employed individuals, freelancers and companies, being able to collaborate with highly skilled people in different places is often very important for completing projects for different clients. Additionally, having access to virtual offices around the world, as is available as part of communities like the one offered by premium virtual office providers, means professionals can also make contact with clients from different countries and access a wider market.

 Increase Productivity

In addition to having a virtual office available when necessary, most users often work remotely which means they save on commuting time. Less commuting time frequently results in better productivity because people are more focused on their job.

Instead of monitoring whether employees are present from a specific time in the morning until a specific time in the afternoon, warming seats in an office, companies who choose to work remotely or via virtual offices usually set productivity goals and are able to keep track of progress through completion of these goals. Numerous studies demonstrate an increase in productivity when employees are not being micro-managed or closely supervised for the time spent at their desks.

 Reduce Overheads

Another method to build a stronger business using virtual offices is the ability to better manage resources due to the savings made when not having to pay rent or a mortgage for a physical office space.

Working virtually means that a company has to spend less, not only on the work environment but also on hardware usually necessary in an office. This economic saving can then go towards other requirements for the business, such as seeking clients, new talent or technological improvements.

 Health Benefits

Finally, there are also fantastic health benefits to be discovered when people are not forced to spend their day tied to a desk in an office. People are much more likely to get up and move around more when not in an office environment with their colleagues, they tend to feel less stress and also take more breaks necessary for good cognitive and visual repair, after being concentrated on a computer screen for a long period of time.

 Is Virtual The Way To Go?

 No-one knows what the future holds but often with business, we can predict at least an idea of what is to come following current trends. At present, there is an ever-growing number of digital businesses working from virtual offices while coworking spaces are also on the rise. This, along with the many advantages offered, indicates that there is a bright future for virtual offices in the business world.