Ever since the enactment of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, most companies have been thrown into tizzy as they desperately seek to catch up with the data protection law. Non-compliance with this historic law obviously carries the risk of huge financial penalties. In this context, SMEs and startups face an overwhelming compliance pressure due to their limited cash reserves.

Financial penalties due to non-compliance of GDPR run in millions of euros, which can serve a severe deathblow to promising SMEs. So where should SMEs operating on shoestring budget really go to for ensuring GDPR compliance.

The one place that they can certainly go to is VulnOS. VulnOS is a rapidly emerging company that help SMEs become GDPR compliant in the most hassle-free way.  How much hassle-free, some SME founders and co-founders may certainly ask. Well, VulnOS will make your company GDPR compliant 90% faster than the traditional legal process. This obviously results in enormous saving of time and resources for your business.

VulnOS leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to give your company a real head start in the GDPR compliance process. Once your company signs up with VulnOS, you will be allotted a dedicated AI bot that will audit your business in and out. It then initiates the GDPR compliance process, which is simpler than you can imagine. What is actually highly complicated process, VulnOS’ AI bot simplifies and summarizes it in merely few clicks.

This means that once you are onboard with VulnOS, your company is merely few clicks away from GDPR compliance.

VulnOS also offers other features to make GDPR compliance easier and faster.

  • Vendors Compliance Management: A non-compliant GDPR vendor can become a liability for your business and therefore keeping tracking of such vendors is obviously mandatory. VulnOS can prove to be extremely beneficial on this front. It offers vendor management feature to keep track of compliance status of different vendors.
  • Ensures Compliance of Privacy and Cookie Policies: Companies can rely on one-click template creator to ensure that their privacy and cookie policies are completely compliant with GDPR requirements.
  • Records of Processing Activities: Easily preserve records of processing activities and thereby track your business data flow towards GDPR compliance. This is immensely important for complying with GDPR Art. 28(1), 24(1), 29 & 46(1).
  • Tracks your Compliance Continuously: It would have been really great if GDPR compliance had been a one time project, but sadly it is not. Owing to its complex and dynamic nature, GDPR compliance is a continuous project. In such a scenario, VulnOS’ smart AI bot will become your savior as it will continuously keep track on GDPR compliance.

VulnOs has put forth a simple pricing model to ensure that SMEs can avail all the above features easily. The great thing about this pricing model is that you can pay as long as your business is growing and cancel the plan when your business starts making losses.

VulnOs has designed this flexible pricing model keeping in mind that most SMEs are vulnerable to unpredictable business cycle.

This company is equally committed to providing 24/7 and 365 days customer support service to all their customers. Customers can register their queries and compliant through their dedicated chat and support portal.

Conclusion: VulnOs’ AI powered solution is perfect for those SMEs which don’t want to get entangled in the hassles of legal paperwork for GDPR compliance. Not to mention that any SME that wants to avoid financial penalties should seriously look to avail the services of VulnOs. Lastly, Its AI services are equally great for saving SME’s precious time and invaluable resources.