Want to send fake WhatsApp locations? Just use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)


WhatsApp is an indispensable application for many users because it allows us to communicate quickly and free with all family, friends, and also couples, of course. The problem is that it is also a platform that collects a lot of personal information, for example where we are, and therefore, if you don’t want others to bother you, you should know that downloading an application to send fake locations on WhatsApp is quite easy. If you want to send fake location on WhatsApp, there are tons of choices.

Sending fake locations, in many cases, is important. There will always be people who always interfere in your personal affairs, even the location where you are. You don’t want to deal with such people and the fake WhatsApp location sender application is what you want to have. There are various fake WhatsApp location sender applications circulating on the Internet but most of them don’t really offer “location anonymity”. Some of them only offer simple features that don’t really hide your true location. They can’t really send WhatsApp fake live location.

There are only a handful of fake location WhatsApp sender apps that are really useful. If you are an iPhone user, we recommend Dr.Fone for you. Of course there is always a reason for everything, as well as choosing Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) in the middle of similar applications. Keep reading to find out some reasons why you should choose Dr.Fone.

Important features:

With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) you can:

Teleport iPhone GPS to any place in the world that you want
Simulate GPS movement based on the fictitious route you made
-Simulate GPS movement based on real routes
-Works with all location-based AR games or apps

This fake live location WhatsApp application is able to fool almost all other location-based apps so that “they” will think you are really in your fake location. This application also allows you to “cheat” location-based games. Some of these games may require you to really move. Well, with this application you can act as if you were moving somewhere. In other words, you can play various location-based games by just staying at home. Sounds fun right?

You can also choose two or more routes and simulate as if you were moving from one point to another (in that route). You can also set time intervals to make your entire engineering look natural. This will get rid of the possibility of you being suspected by someone who has enough experience in using similar applications.

There are several modes you can choose: walking mode, cycling mode, etc. Will this use up your smartphone’s energy resources? Don’t worry because you can use the joystick to save up to 90 percent of labor in GPS mode. There is no doubt that Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is the answer for those of you who want “location anonymity” when you use WhatsApp and location-based games. Hopefully this article provides enough useful information for you. Thank you for reading!