What Ways Can SMEs Benefit From Using Self-Storage?


Self Storage is fuelling the growth of small and medium scale businesses all over the world. Affluence, shrinking sizes of apartments and evolving trends among start-ups and small businesses have remained the fundamental source of the rapid growth in the use of self-storage units. No matter the kind of transaction and space demand, self-storage can offer a reliable option for your business whether a growing enterprise, franchise, new start-ups, local shops, e-commerce, etc, Self Storage can provide the essential space for your business.

Whatever is your supply trend, storage units provide a reliable model for the fluctuations that may arise in your supply. You will get flexible and cost-effective options far better than what you would get with traditional rental. Storage units come with minimal overhead cost thereby giving you the opportunity to direct your money to other aspects of your business. Many start-ups, small and medium scale businesses find it difficult to buy or rent business premises.

If they ever could, business growth could be slow thereby posing a serious economic challenge especially in the event of market fluctuations. Financial constraints shouldn’t the bane of your business – you can totally eliminate costs associated with securing space. It now beholds on SMEs to cash in on the opportunities offered by the self-storage units as a lasting solution for the space to innovate and evolve in a fast-changing world.

SMEs That Can Benefit From Storage Units

Communication is increasingly becoming sophisticated with the advent of technological advancement; even the scales of internet business are massive. While storage units are suitable for many purposes at home and in the market, some business owners are taking the advantage offered by Self Storage.

  1. Online Business

While it’s not all business that can be done online, there is overwhelming evidence that you can virtually do all business online today. With the development of mobile applications, transactions with your mobile devices are becoming rampant and this is the basis of multiplying online stores. With the problem posed the want of space, business owners of online stores are now resorting to storage units to initiate their businesses and allow them to flower and boom.

  1. Trade-Based Businesses

A business that has to do with lots of tools and equipment might have to resort to the use of storage units for the efficient running. Electricians, plumbers, etc and other professions that may need to order tools and items such as kitchen units, light fittings, etc, should quickly adopt storage units for keeping bulk items.

  1. Seasonal Businesses

Those whose businesses are season-dependent will likely make the most of the storage units. Christmas and Easter season trades which warrant the owner to have a significant amount of stock would be in a dire need for space.

Ways SMEs Can Benefit From Using Self-Storage Units

  1. Adaptable Business Model

Office rentals lack the flexible options required for seasonal businesses. With huge staff turnover, Self Storage offers the needed opportunity for expanding and shrinking of small and medium businesses. It saves more time and offers viable options for firms which are constantly changing. This helps them to downsize or expand when the need arises. With different sizes and shapes of spaces, self-storage units help to save the energy and time that can be used in other aspects of the business.

  1. Profit Boost

One of the remarkable ways SMEs can gain from Self Storage is maximising the profit margin. This business space offers extra space at little or no cost thereby creating the room for better stocking and transaction. SMEs can save more money when they have access to order products in bulk. This reduces supply backlog and stock shortage which is one of the banes of profitability in SMEs. Storage units also come with security and safety nets which are lacking in the conventional rental of larger premises.

  1. Flexible Rent Options

Businesses that start off needn’t much of economic burden or it would die a natural death when they are financially overburdened. Increasing property rentals is recorded as one major contributor to financial squeeze of SMEs profit margin. Self Storage brings about a slide in competition and provides a good alternative for storefront and operating cost. The money saved can be used to invest in the stocking of the store. With a monthly renting scheme that suits the fluctuations – moving out /in, downsizing or upsizing, small and medium scale business now have the entire flexible scheme for a better business.

The CEO of USSelfstorage.com noted that self-storage units distinguished itself from the conventional warehousing by helping businesses to manage operating cost with flexible lease terms. Business owners can also adopt flexible-to-tailor storage units depending on the seasonal demands of their businesses.

  1. Self Storage Support Cost Efficiency

With self-storage units, you have the convenience and peace of mind required to make the best of your businesses.  Beyond the boost in the profit margin, you stand to enjoy several other benefits such as the opportunity for sending and receiving packages, service officers, shared workspaces, administrative services, etc.

Self Storage is a good example business space that guarantees smooth and easy transaction with no setup cost, no renovation cost, no waiting period and no cost for reinstatement. You also have no fluctuating maintenance or monthly utility bills. This is opposed to the traditional warehouse characterised by fluctuating exorbitant fees. Storagevault.com believed that traditional warehouses do not come with any facility such as fans, security alarm, air conditioner, pre-installed lights, etc. With free storage solution, self-storage units can help your business to enjoy free costs arising from unwarranted bills, cleaning of the environs, monitoring and security maintenance system.