Ways to conserve your mobile device’s battery life


Mobility is a key aspect of technology nowadays, moving away from a fixed installation of an electronic device, where they will be of greater use to the individual constantly on the go. From the phones that we use that have begun to act like computers to highly stylized devices that perform a vast array of functions just like a computer would, mobile devices have begun to take the market by storm.

With the sheer number of features and capabilities that mobile devices offer, it is almost compelling to get one for ourselves simply because it will always serve some purpose in our active lifestyle – a phone, a web browser, a gaming console, all rolled up into one tiny device you could fit in your pocket! However, being mobile has its own drawbacks as well, the biggest one being the fact that these devices run on a very limited timetable – at least, up to what their batteries can handle.

Making the most out of your devices

 It’s a bummer when your device suddenly dies on you in the middle of something important. However, these can be avoided or at least reduced by ensuring that your device is properly tweaked to save on its precious battery life. Here are a few tips that will be able to help reduce that terrible moment of your mobile device suddenly winking out on you:

  • Screen brightnessa major player that eats on the power stores of a mobile device is the brightness of its screen. Most devices nowadays tote around screens of varying sizes with room for different brightness levels. Depending on your usage, it may not be necessary sometimes for the screen to be extremely bright; tone down its brightness when you are in a sufficiently lit room and only increase it when there is little light source in your area. Some devices even offer a smart brightness feature that lets the device adjust its own brightness according to the situation.
  • Sound and Vibration these features are attractive, especially to mobile phones, but they are not that much of a requirement and only serve to eat up power if left active. A business phone, for instance, would not likely need these features all the time as it is often present with you at all times and would be easily accessed whenever you have calls to make or messages to receive.
  • Internet / 3G Connectivitysome of us may have bought mobile devices simply to surf the Internet wherever we are, but it is advised to turn off these features when not in use so as the wireless devices inside do not contribute to the consumption of the device’s power. Only turn on your Wi-Fi features when you are near a known hotspot or would actively engage in Internet browsing.
  • Active applications learn to turn off apps that are not in use in your device as these reside in the device’s memory and therefore become the responsibility of the device to maintain for your convenience. That in turn eats power too, so turn these apps off when you have finished using them so they do not speed up your battery’s lifespan.


A healthy battery makes for a healthy device

 Aside from prolonging the runtime of your mobile devices while you are on the go, you are also prolonging the longevity of the device’s power source, ensuring that the device will continue being at its peak functionality for the years to come. It also helps Mother Nature in the battle for environment protection and energy preservation!

Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old MMORPG Gamer from New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters.He worked with RingCentral for their VoIP Phone Systems services as a writer. Follow him on Twitter and join me in Google +