Do you think you want to increase the rates of your engagement on Instagram? Worry no more because you have landed on the right page.

You need to know that you are not alone because I will ensure that you get all the information you require. If you have more Instagram likes means that you will have more exposure to the users.

When you have more Instagram likes will help you to have more traffic on your posts and also the number of users will rise. People will be interested to go through your entire account only if you have more Instagram likes.

The best thing is to plan very well because more Likes can become a beneficial component of your overall Instagram strategy.

When a person posts anything on Instagram, the greatest achievement is to gain more likes but not a single like. If you think you need more Instagram likes on what you post, you can visit this visit and also know how much effort you should put to standardize your products.

These are the ways to get more Instagram likes

  1. Use of High-Quality Photos

You need to consider the quality of your photos. It is obvious high-quality photos gain more engagement. You should in mind that quality is the key here.

Having high-quality photos does not mean you must have expensive DSLR cameras but you need only to consider if the lighting of the camera is well then you ensure the camera is in focus.

2.Use local Hashtags

You need to put in mind that the use of location hashtags yields more Instagram likes. This is because all the products posted are channeled for specific places, people, and groups.

Use of places of interest and local landmarks will gain you more Instagram likes from people in that community.

It is very useful for the people who are running local business whose their aim is to reach local audiences.

3.Share images that work

Good images are the main key in your Instagram strategy. If you share an image and it gets more likes you need to analyze and know what drives more traffic to like it.

You also need to visit your competitor’s account to get aware of what they are posting. Once you get information about the type of photo that gets more likes then you to come up with more less the same when you share.

4. Reshare on other networks

It will be a good idea to reshare on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr when you need to publish. This will increase more traffic leading to more Instagram likes.

5.Post at the right time

More Instagram likes will be higher when the number of competitors is low. You need to note that people who will be posting their products between 10 pm and 3 am will get more Instagram likes because your competitors are few hence more attention will be shown.


Before you post any product on Instagram you need to the audience, time and the place. In order to get more Instagram likes you need to ensure that you post a product of high quality at the right place targeting the right place.