Web-Based PDFBear Tools: An Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Files Productively


The advancement of technology continues to help people to enjoy the ease and convenience of life every day. It’s even evident in handling so much paperwork and other file-related tasks. Gone are the days when people got bombarded with tons of files, forms, and other printed materials on their office desks. Today, everything becomes digital that’s so much easier to create, use, open, and even share with other devices. 

However, many people still have different struggles in dealing with electronic files. It could be a lack of skills and knowledge or unavailability of computer software to use. In line with this, many websites have become available on the internet to give people complimentary assistance, services, and a set of file tools. One of these prestigious and popular sites is PDFBear. Here’s a list of PDFBear web-based file tools below that will definitely help you manage your electronic files most productively.

Electronic File Converter Online

The first on the list is the file converter of PDFBear online that will transform your existing files in your device into other formats you might need to accomplish specific tasks or projects. Therefore, whenever you need a reliable copy of your Word documents, you can always convert DOCX to PDF in no time. 

Besides that, you can also process conversion with your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets to have the same fixed copies in PDF format. If you have some PDFs like property and land titles, certificates, forms, and other important documents, you tend to keep them on your device for a long time. 

In this case, you have to get your PDFs converted to PDF/A format so that the files’ quality will remain the same even after many years of safekeeping. If you have other concerns about file conversion, you can always visit the PDFBear website and check all its file conversion tool details. 

PDF Merger Online

When it comes to an effective file organization, many people still struggle to get things done right. That’s why PDFBear has developed another file tool to significantly help these people. That’s the PDF merger tool that will help you transform your computer file folders to be well-organized and neat. 

You can get multiple PDF files on your device combined and have them saved in one PDF file. Hence, you can merge different PDF files that serve the same purpose or unify those you got from the same source. 

The purpose of using this PDF merger on this platform is to avoid your PDFs getting cluttered on your devices’ screen. By doing so, you’ll surely have your next PDF file search so easy and quick because you would know what computer folder to access and open and which merged files to view. 

Password Protection Kit Online

Many people have various negative experiences with their PDF files. The most common problem is when their files get accessed and used without their knowledge. That’s pretty alarming, especially if your PDFs contain very valuable and sensitive information. In line with these ongoing issues with PDF file security, PDFBear developed another file tool as the best resolution to the problem. 

That’s the password protection tool you can use to make your PDF files safe from unpermitted file access and use by setting up a secure password. You only have to formulate a unique password, combining characters you like, such as small and capital letters, numerals, and other symbols of your choosing. Just make sure that the password is strong enough that no one can easily decode it and will have a chance to retrieve your files without your consent.  

eSign PDF Tool Online

If you’re a certified PDF user for a long time, you might have experienced using PDF files that require a signature for credibility, authenticity, and validity purposes. These PDFs can be contracts, agreements, certificates., forms, and other important documents. You can print them out, let the required people sign them right away, and scan these files so that you’ll have a digital copy again. 

This whole process seems to be so time-consuming and will require so much effort from you. Because of this, PDFBear developed an online tool to make this particular file task easy and quick. That’s the eSign PDF tool that will allow you to sign PDF files electronically. You can use the touchpad or the computer mouse in writing your signature manually. That’s it! After a few minutes, you can get your newly signed PDF files downloaded on your device. That’s pretty fast and easy with PDFBear. 


Handling tons of electronic files can be easy and convenient. You only have to make sure that you’re using the right and reliable file tools to make all things done right. Therefore, you can always access and use the PDFBear web-based tools to help you deal with your electronic files most conveniently and productively.