Web Design 101: Tips on Split Screen Webpages


Are you trying to make a website that’s attractive to your users? We’ll show you why split screen websites are gaining popularity in this post!

Split screen scrolling website is web component split into two vertical columns. While they are increasing in popularity, it’s a style choice that can hurt the user experience if you don’t place any logical reasoning behind your choice.

Here are some reasons why people are adopting the trend as of recent:

  • It’s good for responsive frameworks. Split screen websites are good for a variety of screens (from large to small ones). If you have smaller screens for a mobile website, the panels will become stacked.
  • It helps with user navigation. With simple design techniques, you can encourage your users to click or draw them to a specific section of your page.
  • It has great aesthetic quality. When done correctly, it offers a good viewing experience.

So let us educate you on when you should use split screen as a style choice for your website. By following this guide, you’ll learn how to get your page more views and more engagement in the long run.

Why Use a Split Screen Scrolling Website?

Split screen pages work with minimalist websites because it effectively uses negative space and bold vertical divides to add emphasis to the important parts of your page. Also, they are great for landing websites that have side-by-side selectable options.

Some examples are:

  • Free and paid subscriptions
  • Sign up and login forums
  • Products that have alternative colors

Important Things to Remember

It’s easy to make a website, but even harder to design it correctly. Here are some tips you should take when making your split screen website.

Don’t Create a Split Screen Scrolling Website Without Reason

First, you need to consider why your website needs a split screen design in the first place. Sure, it’s the newest trend amongst websites, but that reason alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

  • Is there enough negative space to work with the layout of the page?
  • Are you at risk of losing your user’s attention when a singular scrolling page might be a better option?
  • Is it worth the extra time to make the split screen component responsive?
  • Are your users able to appreciate the layout or will it confuse them?

Use Negative Space

Desktop websites have a horizontal display, but using split screen scrolling websites create a vertical viewpoint when your user looks at the page. Because of this, the negative space is a great way to be creative on your page. So use it to your advantage so that your readers can appreciate the design of your website!

Use Vibrant Colors to Make and Dramatic Text

You’ll want to use vibrant colors to help attract your readers to your site. Use pleasing colors such as green, red, or blue so that it can display your product. And, use dramatic typography to keep them reading and engaged. Doing this will make your website easier to read and can display the products that you want to sell.


Overall, your split screen scrolling website is an innovative way to get users hooked to your brand. When making one, design it in a way that represents your business while hooking your viewers onto your story. By doing this, you’ll increase your conversions and have more repeating users onto your page.