Shocking users by blasting out background music on your website is a sure way to make them click off and go to one of your competitors’ sites instead!

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Setting up your first business website can be a little overwhelming, as there are so many different things to think about. Often people rush into designing their sites, which can lead to major disasters for their businesses. Here we will outline some of the most common web design disasters and how you can avoid them.

Requiring users to ‘sign up’ before viewing your website

Although getting users to sign up to your website before being able to view it is a great way to build an email list, it may cause you to lose a large percentage of visitors before they have even got to see your website. People do not want to have to spend time filling in a form before they get to see the content they require. Asking users to sign up before they have even familiarised themselves with your products or services can also be very off-putting and may cause users to become wary of your business.

Instead of forcing users to sign up, why not make it a call to action on your main website pages? This gives users a choice as to whether or not they sign up and will therefore make them more inclined to do so.

Background music

Ever clicked on a website only to find that uncontrollable, loud background music is blasting out of your speakers? It’s incredibly frustrating isn’t it? Before adding music to your website, ask yourself whether it is really necessary and adds any value to your content. If not, get rid of it. Blasting music at your visitors when they visit your website will almost guarantee that they will click off within seconds. If you do feel like music will add value to your web design, make sure that there are user-friendly controls onscreen that users can use to mute or turn down the sound.

Poor navigation

One of the biggest web design disasters is poor navigation. This is a sure fire way to ensure that visitors click off your website and go to one of your competitors’ sites instead. Remember users are visiting your website for a reason. If they cannot access the content they require quickly, because your website navigation is complicated, they will simply look elsewhere for what they need. Do not lose visitors and potential conversions because of a poor navigation. If you are struggling to simplify it yourself, get in touch with an experienced web designer.


Search bars are designed to make it easier for users to find the information they require, but if your on-site search bar does not deliver, it can be incredibly frustrating for users.

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Implementing a less-than-helpful search bar

Following on nicely from the ‘poor navigation’ web design disaster; we have the ‘less-than-helpful search bar.’ Today users have high expectations of on-site search bars and rightly so. You should be able to type in a keyword or product name into a search bar and it should bring up the result you are looking for. When this does not happen it can be very frustrating and is often the cause of lost conversions.

Make sure that you do not lose visitors through having a poorly designed search bar. To do this you need to structure your searches so that they bring up the most relevant results in relation to the keywords or product name a user has typed in. This is something that a professional web designer will be able to assist you with.

Forgetting people have smartphones

One of the biggest web design disasters businesses find themselves dealing with today comes as a result of them forgetting people have smartphones and digital tablets. If you do not cater for a mobile audience, you could potentially alienate them and lose a large proportion of your customer base. Prevent this from happening by ensuring your website is mobile and tablet friendly. If you are looking to invest in a re-design, go for a responsive web design so you can future proof your website against the release of new technology!


If you want to stand the best chance at creating an effective web design for your first business website, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced web designers. They will have the skills, knowledge and experience to create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional websites, deliver the experience your visitors are looking for.

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