Web Hosting – Why is it important?


Numerous studies reveal that millennials spend most of their time online. And experts predict that for the next generation, commonly termed ‘Generation Z’, this online time will further increase. So for any business, institution or individual to have any impact at all in the digital age, they should have an incredible online presence. Social media accounts alone won’t cut it. Websites are the way to go if you want to have a wider influence. And for high-quality websites that integrate the features that these generations like, you need quality reliable web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the storage of the files and data that create websites in remote servers. This storage space is usually paid for in monthly installments or yearly.Without web hosting, your websites will not be available to the public.

There are three common types of hosting:

  • Dedicated hosting – where you get an entire server for your website
  • Shared hosting – where you share a server with multiple other websites
  • Cloud hosting – where several physical servers are combined to form a virtual server

When someone visits your website, they view the files within a web browser. Web hosting determines the quality of the experience they will have. Therefore, it is essential that you have a reliable web host to enhance this experience.

Importance of Quality Web Hosting

1.      Keeping Your Website Available at All Hours

Nothing will put your online visitors off like clicking on a link and receiving an error message due to a page failing to load. This is caused by websites being down. Quality web hosting is necessary to keep your site online day and night. Although, downtime is not completely avoidable, choose a web host with very little downtime.

2.      Loading Your Website Speedily

Even if your website has a great uptime, not many people will wait for a slow page to load. They will quickly move to the next site to meet their needs. The loading speed of your website is largely dependent on your host, though you should also optimize your code and your content. A good web host will provide services that ensure your website loads quickly.

3.      Getting a Customized Email Address

A customized email address appears more professional. A good hosting package will provide an email address related to the domain name of your website. Always make sure to check a website that has all registered domain names since this will guide you in choosing yours. Also, this will increase your marketability compared to having the common email addresses like Gmail and Yahoo.

4.      Having Backup for Your Online Files

Web hosting companies offer backup services, which is important for rolling back your website if it has a problem. Performing regular backup will ensure that you are able to restore your files in case of an attack on your site by hackers. But you must confirm that it is part of the hosting package as not all hosting companies provide this service.

5.      Scalability

A good website is ever expanding as its content and traffic increases. A quality web host will accommodate your ever growing needs by upgrading your website as needed.

6.      Technical Support

All hosting contracts include getting customer support and many hosting companies will provide 24-7 technical support. Maintaining a website is not an easy job. It is important to have support whenever you need it so that you can offer the best service to your online visitors.

7.      Securing Your Website

The probability of your website getting infected with malware increases with poor security. Cybercrime is on the rise and hackers can wreak havoc on your site by creating fake backlinks and spam pages. This kind of activities will get you blacklisted by search engines and might earn you a penalty.To avoid all these, a good web host will provide excellent security options and should be able to scan and detect malware and other vulnerabilities. This will help to protect company data as well as customer information.

8.      Improve Your Search Result Rankings

The main goal of most website owners is for their sites to rank highly on site engines so that potential customers can find them. If a search engine repeatedly finds your site down, or it takes too long to load, your ranking will be affected negatively. Therefore it is important to choose the right web host to keep those rankings up.

No matter the quality of the content and products you offer, or the excellent design of your website, poor hosting will cost you customers. There are many web hosting providers to choose from and you must do thorough research and comparison before you decide. Always make sure that the provider you choose will make it easy to switch to another supplier, should you find a better one down the road, and confirm if there is an exit fee. Quality web hosting is critical for cultivating an online presence and you can’t afford to make wrong choices