Website Enhancements That Ensure Visitor Retention


It takes a great deal to attract browsers to any website. From stellar SEO frameworks to secure backlinks, keyword optimisation and the works, your website needs to be jacked up to have surfers land on its pages. But, it takes a greater deal to retain these browsers on your webpage.

There’s a lot that can lead them to prematurely exit your website, an activity commonly known as bounce rate. Battling the bounce rate is something all web owners are constantly engaged in. It’s no surprise that it is one of the most keenly tracked metric by all digital marketers. Interestingly, it’s those simple website enhancements that can help beat the bounce rate. Here’s are some of the most common website mistakes that lead to premature website exits.

Slow Speed

3 seconds. That’s how long browsers are willing to wait for your site to load. Any longer than that, and you are likely to lose them before your landing page even loads. That’s exactly why optimising the load performance of a website is necessary. User experience is pinned more on speed than on content. In the era of surfing on-the-go, your webpage’s loading time needs to be up to speed with browser expectations. The good news is, managing loading speed is not as difficult as it seems. Leverage caches, use adaptive images and consider only those plug-in’s that are necessary. Do that and you will have a web winner on your hands. 

Content Layout

Often times, it’s not what you say but how you say it that has the biggest impact. This rule applies to your webpage as well. Throw in multiples fonts, a botched-up layout or difficult language and your visitor is likely to lose interest. Rather, let the layout play with the a attention of your reader.  From vintage fonts, content hierarchy, image optimisation & highlighting the CTA are simple ideas to captivate readers. The importance of good fonts are often undermined.

Vintage fonts ensure your reader can easily sift through your content and pick up what’s important to them. It also retains website aesthetics. More importantly, conventional fonts help readers relate to your webpage better. It is also a search engine favourite. Go with a complete vintage font bundle and you have yourself sorted for further website updates too.

Auto-Play Videos

Whoever thought those annoying little video windows are going to revolutionise digital marketing! Auto-play videos are often thrust on browsers before then can even get around to viewing your website. A digital marketing sin, we say. Load your website with these auto-play videos and your visitor is going to exit faster than you can say hello! Not only is it intrusive, it is also insensitive to their pace of browsing.

If you must, introduce a chatbot window. Nudge a word in edgeways to your new browser asking if they need any help. If they do, their shall ping you back. Else, give them a chance discover the website you worked so hard at putting together. 


Creating mobile-friendly websites and layouts is the need of the hour. 52% of all web traffic comes from mobiles. You don’t want to displease them by creating a webpage that loads all botched-up on their mobile screen. The simplest way to cracking this code is with Google’s Test Tool for responsive websites. Follow those tenets and create a website that’s is mobile- friendly. 

Poor Interlinking

Your website may very well have some interesting insights and information. But, without strong interlinking, your browser may not even get the whiff of it. Ensure all pages of your webpage are interlinked. That simply means: 

  • broadcasting that new case study
  • Flashing the new service offering
  • Running a ticker for the imminent announcement
  • Pinning links to the contact page, blogs page etc.

Ineffective CTA

After all the rigmarole of the above points along with following the tenets of optimal website building, don’t forget to emphasise on a CTA. Point out your browser to a precise CTA or call-to-action Is the final link to browser retention. This could be a purchase, registration, filling up a form or even subscribing to your newsletter. Direct them to undertaking this action. The absence of a CTA can be suicide for your business. You will have an interested browser but no directive on how to convert them into a customer. 

Keeping a website at the top of its game is an ongoing process. So while you may achieve all of the above, don’t forget that optimisation is key. Keep checking metrics on its performance and conduct periodic web appraisals. After all, your website is your first step into the digital world. So, let’s put forward an impressive one.