What are Linux and ChromeOS


Linux-This is a free operating system. It has a variety of styles or “distributions.” These include Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc. 

ChromeOS is Google’s Chromium-based operating system. People design it for some laptops. These laptops are always connect to the Internet. They can only run special Web applications. You can use Chromium on any system. Yet ChromeOS is only available on specific Chromebook. 

  1. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of Linux. Linux is a free open source operating system. Many groups and individuals have modified and extended it. These modified versions are called “distributions”. There are many versions to choose from. Maybe you want to laptops. It is difficult to buy one with pre-installed Linux system. However, you can install your own Linux system after purchasing it.

Linux is a free operating system. Many available programs are open source and free. You are free to try before installing any Linux distribution. Linux takes some time to learn how to use it. Most distributions have made progress in graphical front ends. That makes it easier to transition from Windows or Mac. Even so, Linux does need to spend more time. It gets used to navigating and manipulating files. 

Yet Linux is one of the safest operating systems. Everything requires the explicit consent of users. There are few viruses against Linux machines. Linux is very scalable and can run on almost any laptop. 

Linux has a biggest disadvantage. It lacks compatibility with other operating systems. Compared with Windows, the game library on Linux is very limited. More and more games have released Linux versions. Most portable computers available in the store have no ready Linux. You need to install it yourself. Or you can replace your default operating system. 

2. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of ChromeOS. ChromeOS is Google’s operating system. It is only available on a few laptops. The Chrome operating system is designed for some laptops. They are always connect with the Internet. 

The Chrome operating system is lightweight and fast. This is because ChromeOS is essentially a web browser. All applications are installed in a web browser. Therefore, most features of ChromeOS require an Internet connection (you can do some work offline, such as using Google Docs). 

Most Chromebooks are cheap. The prices range from $200 to $250. The exception is Google’s Chromebox. It starts at $825. Chromebook relies on Google’s cloud hard disk for file storage. The onboard storage space of most laptops is very limited. 

You can only use applications designed specifically for ChromeOS on Chromebook. This means that your software options will be limited. Google Cloud Hard Disk provides a good alternative to Office. Yet you will forget to install programs such as games or Photoshop. ChromeOS is best suited to heavy Google users. Some people do most work in the Google ecosystem. Chromebook may be your most affordable and attractive choice.