What are the best data recovery software of 2019?


When you lose some precious data, the first thing that comes to your mind is how can I recover it? Gone are the days when the drives were wiped out and not traces of the data were left. Today, you have a ton of different paid and free data recovery software available to you that can recover your data in no time. Whether you have deleted your data by accident or there was some virus that corrupted the files, you can recover your data with ease.

The data you are able to recover and the ease with which it is available to you depends on the tool you are using. Below, we are going to list some of the best data recovery software in the market.


When you delete a folder accidently, or end up misplacing some of your precious files, SalvageData is your way to go. It is easy to use data recovery tool which permits you to recover the data from the comfort of your home. Available to you for windows, mac, and linux platforms, the software can assist in recovering the deleted files and retrieving corrupted data.

Moreover, you can view all the files with the help of this tool and clone your images for a complete data backup and recovery. If you are about to give your computer to someone else, make sure to use the clean drive feature to wipe your drive and organize the partitions. Its complete data management capacity makes it a heart favorite for many people.

Disk Drill

Another recovery program that can assist you in retrieving your files is the Disk Drill. It is a decent software, providing you a chance to recover the deleted images, music, videos, and similar other files. What you need to know about the disk drill is the fact that the free version only recovers data up to 500 MB, which is a little too low for many individuals.

The software is available to you on windows platform, for windowsvista, xp, 7, 8, and 10. It comes with a few other features too such as the recovery vault which is a protective layer between the recycle bin and your deleted files, and creation of backup and clones.


TestDisk isa powerful free data recovery software that allows you to recover lost data from your hard drive. Originally, the tool was designed to fix the lost partitions of a disk and make non-functioning disks operational. However, the reason why people stay away from its use is the command line interface, which most of the people aren’t familiar with.

But if you are able to work with this tool, it can be a powerful addition to your arsenal. One can rebuild the boot sectors and recover as well as fix the partitions. The software supports all the major windows versions and can help you retrieve a number of different file types including videos, documents, sound, and images.

So, these are a few good free data recovery software that you may use. Make sure to be careful when utilizing the tool and choose the one that is easiest to you. Else, you may end up damaging your disk.