What are the three Keys that are needed for transformation to digital marketing?


Digital transformation denotes several meanings to several people. The most efficient meaning of this is – it’s the running pursuit of gaining the greatest zenith of efficiency, scale, innovation, and profit through the use of technology and data. As discussed in Fabnewz, here are the three most successful keys to be successful in digital marketing transformation.

  1. Technology

It’s a smart step to use a DMP (data management platform) in order to build an effective customer touch point through saving data and information via this DMP. DMP is capable to store lots of bits of data such as the email addresses, the visited or interacted marketing channel, purchase statuses of your audience.

For example, if your company sells airline tickets, ask your SEO team a page listing 10 beautiful places of UK. This page doesn’t mention the ticket costs. It’ll inspire the promising travelers to visit your page and consider a trip to the UK. Now you can mark and store data of the people who visited your website and also check their purchases. Later, you can also attract your early-visited customers by launching a low-cost ticket campaign with interesting deals.

If one of your earlier visitor books ticket now, you can easily know that as their data is already served in your CRM, which also delivers data to your DMP. Thus, you can save money from big commercial ads on expensive media channels and reach your offer specifically to your own audience easily.

  1. Organization

Digital transformation has forced to change the ongoing company culture, long-running policies, processes, and tools. The success of this marketing lies in finding the correct balance between scale, standards and proper regional execution.

For example, if you’re working in a global company that controls its marketing channels separately by region, then there’s a great deal of change that you can do for its betterment. You can shift the team structure to get a larger scale and activity. The simplest and most effective framework is to think global and execute locally.

  • “Think Global” – It means building a global framework for all teams. They’ll be able to rely on it for direction, collaboration, technical resources and sharing knowledge.
  • “Execute Local” – It means bestowing trust in the regional teams in order to apply your marketing strategy as per the proper and unique needs of their local markets.

3.Channel Management

Fabnewz.com rightly states that it’s much necessary to manage and rethink the channel management strategy properly as all the channels must be connected to each other correctly and work together. The lack of cross-channel optimization can badly damage your marketing ROI. So an updated change is necessary.

The most important channels to develop your effective audience are –

To be a successful marketing organization you must know how to grow and manage your audience. Before depending entirely on channels that are paid search and show retargeting, always remember that the best converting channels always focus on people’s most primed stage of shopping. Digital marketing transformation is a never-ending process, but focusing on these points you can be a pioneer in this market!