In earlier days, when people wanted to buy something they had to go to physical stores or supermarkets to get what they needed. People and returned home staggering with 10 supermarket bags. It was a more painful process if the store wasn’t near to them.

In recent times online shopping has become popular, and the ecommerce industry has risen to a large extent. As of now there are people who only buy things online, as well as people who prefer buying products in ordinary physical stores.

If you are someone who is planning to sell your brand on e-commerce websites, or if you’re planning to create one for your own brand, you need to know how ecommerce websites work. There are many factors that decide if an ecommerce website is a success or a failure.


Marketing is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind before starting to sell your brand on ecommerce websites. It depends on what you stand for and what you don’t. For starters, you need to know clearly on who to target.

If the concepts and advertising strategies are unique and attractive, you would be rewarded with by a large number of profitable customers. They key idea when it comes to marketing is not overdoing it. There are many online players out there, whose advertisements look very desperate to draw in customers.

A High Repurchase Rate

Repeated Purchases—What many big ecommerce websites are made of.

Many successful ecommerce websites are profited by repeated orders from regular customers. This largely depends on one thing. Customer loyalty. Loyal customers come back to the same websites every time when they want to buy something, if they like it.

Customers can be attracted by providing them with a great experience, hasslefree payments, categories, pricing and marketing. If your customer had a bad experience on the first purchase, then your advertising and marketing campaigns online will fall on deaf ears.

Selecting The Right Product To Sell

The key concept is simple here. If you want your marketing results to be profitable, then you need to sell the right product. Ecommerce websites see good results when they sell stuff that people actually need. There are some ecommerce websites that have lost a lot of loyal customers because they sold a large number of irrelevant or wrong products. Selling the right product plays a major role in influencing the repurchase rate and customer loyalty.

Customer Experience

Providing a great customer experience plays a vital role in deciding the future of the company. To do so, there are many factors that decide the experience of a customer that include—easy to use interface, quick payment options, a large number of products, and effective pricing.

Customers should also be provided with attractive discounts periodically so that they might return again frequently to make future purchases.

Shipping Costs And Pricing

A fair price on available products can keep an ecommerce business successful. Unfair or high pricing can lead to the downfall of your business. Also the price should be attractive than the competitors. There are many real word applications that provide Big Data Analysis that include competitor pricing, inventory, etc., so that you can keep updated on the competition.

Shipping costs also play a major role in the success of the business. There should not be overpriced shipping costs. This might lead to the customer dropping the entire idea of buying the product. Shipping prices should be fair and explained clearly along with the product description.

There should also be no hidden costs. This might lead to the customer losing trust on your business, and the customer will always have a bag image in the future. The solution to this is being transparent about pricing.

If you want to build a successful ecommerce website with ease, read on.

When you want to make your eCommerce site successful, you must employ effective visual merchandising techniques. Those are techniques that help you tell a story and help your visitors navigate through your website easily using product images and other visual elements, such as client testimonial videos. If you are using online visual marketing processes properly, your website should look attractive to visitors. It should also help them gain interest in your products or services. For example, if you are selling clothing and someone wishes to buy a sweater, posting suggested images of accompanying garments on the page with the image of the sweater can encourage the visitor to your site to purchase additional garments.

Where Does Shopify Come Into The Picture?

Shopify is an ecommerce company from Canada. Founded in 2004, it is a computer software platform for online stores. As of now there are around 500,000 merchants who are using Shopify.

It is an ecommerce platform that allows users and merchants to create websites to sell their products with no hassles. With Shopify you don’t need to host a separate website, manage web content and payment integrations—Shopify does everything.

Shopify helps people to sell their products online with no fuss. Following are the advantages of using Shopify.

  •   Establish your own brand with a domain name of your choice.
  •   You don’t need any specific design skill sets. Shopify helps you in creating the best design for your website. There are over hundreds of themes from which you can choose from, to make your website look elegant.
  •   Sell your products in many places, but feel like you’re selling in  one. Shopify uses an unified platform so that you can run your business with ease.

You can just focus on improving your business, while Shopify handles the rest. Starting a business online has never been easier. Start your own website today with Shopify.