What is a Digital Marketing Campaign and How Can it Help My Business?


When it comes to advertising, the idea is that companies invest a small amount of money in order to land more sales and increase profit. In accounting terms, this process is known as the return on investment, or ROI. The higher a company’s ROI, the more effective the advertising campaign was.

Digital marketing agencies are designed to help businesses realize the highest ROI possible when it comes to advertising on the Internet. Digital marketing companies like HawkSEM spend a large amount of time learning about their clients and their respective industries in an effort to determine the best path to higher revenues and increased brand recognition.

They do this by following a proven formula. In phase one, the planning phase, digital marketing agencies will perform a number of analyses including keyword analysis and competitive analysis. Specific goals for the campaign are discussed and any client oriented specifications are discussed.

It is at this point that a strategic plan is created and the execution of the various campaigns begins. The digital marketing agency will launch the initiatives they have developed in an effort to increase Internet traffic and sales. During this time, data is collected and collated to determine which campaigns are the most effective and retuning the most in revenue.

Reports are generated to demonstrate to the client which campaigns are working and which ones are not as effective. It is during this time that the campaign manager will discuss with the client any modifications to the campaign in order to maximize revenues and ROI. And then the last step is initiated: implementing the modified plan to boost ROI.

This is a simplified overview of the work that is done by companies such as HawkSEM Marketing Company. The campaigns that they design for their clients, which include Chase, AT&T, Bvlgari, Nike and others, include the development of pay per click advertising, display ads, mobile ads, reputation management, social media advertising and much more. Each of these campaigns requires the development of a specific strategy, the identification of the target audience, and precision execution. For pay per click advertising, mobile ads, display ads, and social media advertising, code development is required before implementation. Re-marketing campaigns also require diligent data collection and distillation to determine which visitors have been to your site before in order to show them ads that are relevant to the information previously viewed. This is particularly powerful for companies looking to re-brand their products and services to customers.

All in all, digital marketing agencies like HawkSEM are in the business to increase your business. Their focus is to ensure that every dollar you spend on digital advertising is targeted for one specific purpose: to find customers and convert site visits into sales. They take this job very seriously and work diligently to ensure that their clients receive the highest level of service and results. For more information on how HawkSEM can help your business find new customers and grow or rebrand itself to existing customers in order to convert visitors to lifelong customers, visit www.hawkSEM.com.

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