What is access control and what is it for?

access control

What is access control?

Access control systems are devices that allow or restrict entry to a worker through an identification that can be a card, keychain, password, their own fingerprint or biometric points of the face. When an employee with the permits uses his identification an electric pulse is generated that activates a relay and opens the door, lathe, barrier.

Often, when companies begin the search to acquire a system that opens doors and barriers or records the daily work of their employees, they do not know very clearly what is access control or what is a presence control. Confusing them many times and even thinking they are the same. Actually, these are different systems that solve different needs, so it is necessary to know how to differentiate them to correctly analyze what our company needs

This function is not fulfilled by the presence control systems, which are limited to registering the employees’ day: their entry and exit schedules, hours worked, overtime hours, incidents, etc. Nortech offers access control for both people and vehicles.

What is access control for?

Even knowing what access control is, many times small and medium-sized companies ask themselves whether the use of these systems can be adapted to the needs of their business and be useful to them. In fact, the various types of access control that exist in the market, allow for access control for each type of company and for the needs of each of them. Some of its most common uses are:

Open the access doors to the work center: Access control systems are very practical to dispense with the use of keys in the work center. There are work centers, for example, where workers have night shifts and, to access their job, they need a key, either because at that time there is no doorman, receptionist, or simply because the company does not have anyone to open the door. There are also companies where employees must take turns opening the door when their colleagues arrive, interrupting their work hours and damaging their productivity, something that is easy to avoid with access control.

Prevent the entry of intruders and increase security: In companies where there is a lot of transfer of employees, customers … It is important to control who enters and who leaves the company’s facilities, to maintain a minimum of security and control. With an Access Control System, only authorized personnel can access the company.

Define the areas that employees can access within the workplace. In many companies, it is convenient that not all employees have access to certain areas, for example when in some areas they work with hazardous materials, or with important documentation, where money or valuable material is stored. Access control allows delimiting the zones that each employee can access, creating different permissions depending on which areas they may or may not access.

Increase control over employee inputs and outputs. Unlike Presence Controls, which are limited to registering the entries and exits of their employees, access controls will not open the door, barrier, lathe, etc. until the employee is not identified in the terminal. In centers where there are problems because, for example, employees forget to identify themselves in presence control or simply refuse, access control can be installed.