What is banking data warehouse and how does it work in banking environment


In this contemporary world it is becoming very difficult for the banks to retain their customers with high levels of competition among the banks. To tackle this issue banks insight of customers data, attractive services and features, etc are published for keeping the banks profit margins high. 

This is the reason why banks are tending to move towards the use of resourceful insights for having an extra edge in comparison to their competition. 

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Banking data warehouse Definition :

It acts as a bridge between the operations or processes of data and the banking professionals. It ensures the processing of data and keeps the data authenticity intact, which is later put under the consideration of experts for getting analyzed as well as comprehended in the most effective way. Data warehouse gives the comprehensive information of the customer and augments the market strategy. Decision based on the banking data awareness and interpreted data is purely based on facts of customers behavioural data. 

Importance of banking data workhouse in banking :

1. High performance 

The inclusion of banking data warehouses in banking highly boosted the performance of the banks as well as the financial institutions. With rapid change in our technology banks need to use the data very smartly with improved analysis and data interpretation. So Banking data warehouse helps to conclude the precious data insights into more reliable decision making insights that ultimately reflects in overall performance of the financial institutions around the world. 

2. Analysis of the competition 

         With the capability of detailed analysis from the tools of banking data warehouse financial institutions perform a complete analysis of the competitions present the prevailing market and read their strong points .Even the strong points are also compared with the existing conditions of the banks to have that level of market analysis. Thus this helps in better customer retention with comparison with the existing competition and exclusive policy making strategies of the banks . in order to doing so Bw plays a key role in nurturing the strategy by providing right and crucial analysis reports. 

3.  Customer insights data 

Banks nowadays rely on the model of predictions based on analysis of data to singular use of individual I.e singular customer segment requirements. With the help of banking data workhouse financial institutions can improve their profit shares whereas at the same time reduce the cost input operation of the institutions very low. 

4.   Compilability 

Assurance of compliance and reports including risk management are done with the quintessential feature of Banking warehouse by monitoring the risk reports and analysis of the data rigorously. Free model validations with assessment and regular testing , danger of financial loopholes with governance and its synchronization, compliance with government regulatory bodies, etc comes under the umbrella of BW(business warehouse). 

5.   Business Strategy 

With the right analysis of data stored at the banking data warehouse, experts project the upcoming market worth of the company or financial businesses. On the basis of the expert’s decision based on interpretation of data bank authorities take fruitful decisions for the growth and development of the company. All the vital decisions are undertaken by rigorous meetings showcasing the data in maps , pie charts, granular detailed analysis reports. 

6. Security 

With the growth of technology the number of financial crimes have also risen surreptitiously and it has become the evident problem of the nations around the world. The work of business intelligence is to ensure safety and security of the financial funds under the bank. There are staffs appointed for anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing that keeps the fraudsters or scammers at bay. 

7. Reduce banking operation time

Banking warehouse saves time by automating the compilation of data and analysing it in the most efficient way so that the resultant data will be easy to comprehend.Thus the automation feature of BW saves a lot of time of any kinds of services or executable operations in the banking sector. Providing end-to-end user interaction with the customers to get quick access to the data helps the relevant company perform its function efficiently and accurately.