What is Content Duplication and Why It Should Be Avoided

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Content and Search Engine Optimization go together. They are dependent on one another. They are like that beautiful couple that makes each other better. Without unique and original content, SEO goals cannot be accomplished and without a good SEO, good content cannot be promoted. When you end up posting a duplicate content piece, you might be in danger. It can hugely affect your digital marketing strategy negatively. It is a practice you should avoid at any cost.

What is a duplicate content?

Duplicate content is the piece of content that you have copied from other sources. It could be present on two pages of different websites, two blog sites or even E-commerce websites. Duplicate content could have numerous meanings and its standard differs from content to content. Here are some of the duplicate content types:

  1. Websites with similar pages: when two websites have the exact same content such that one is identical to another, it is considered spam. Many new websites are prepared on the basis of an already established website is a duplicate content and it affects both the websites. Google does not like it at all. There are chances that your rankings will go down by posting duplicate content.
  2. E-commerce content: Two E-commerce websites having similar products might have same content which is also considered as a spam. It is probably hard to spot it is included in the category of duplicate content. However, in such case, you need to come up with unique content for your website.
  3. Scraped content: The scraped content is like taking the reference from the article, repackaging it and posting it. It is called beautifully deceiving Google and plagiarizing content deliciously. Thus, scraped content is as good as spam.
  4. Distribution of articles: The distribution of article is when you publish an article and it gets copied and put it over the internet. This could be tricky because search engines find it difficult to determine the source of the original article unless the source link is mentioned in the distributed content link.

Myths about duplicate content:

People often misunderstand duplication of the content. They do not know how the penalty will take place. They believe that those who use already published content will be penalized for content duplication and that is wrong. Here are the three myths about duplicate content:

  1. Google penalizes all types of content duplication. This is not true, Google only punishes content that is copy and paste. If it is posted to spread it more over the internet, then it will not receive any kinds of punishment.
  2. Google will only penalize you if you do not give the required credit to the original content curator. There are some websites that are okay with their content being used, but only when they get the credit.
  3. Republishing your own content on your own website will hurt your site. Well, that is not true. You can always re-post your original post and add a small canonical tag for people to find the original article.

A downside of duplicate content:

Imagine an amazing idea strikes your mind and you execute it. However, someone steals that idea and he isn’t even penalized. How angry would that make you? You will feel cheated and demoralized. This will snatch away your motivation to create something different in the future. No matter how powerful the algorithms of Google or other search engines are, but still, content is being duplicated. Sometimes search engines could locate them and sometimes they could not. The biggest disadvantage of duplicating the content is that Google finds it hard to locate the original content and it could hurt the number of sites.

How to solve the duplicate content issue?

Google is in need of original, engaging and informative content and one cannot curate new content every single day. It is hard for a professional expert to think and bring in the new topic until and unless he or she is a traveling and is writing day to day experiences. Thus, the best way to solve the issue of duplicate content is to hire a content writer for your business.

Now hiring a content writer could be a costly affair without good SEO. So, basically, you need to hire a good SEO for your business that will take care of your SEO servicesand content curating as well.

Wrapping Up: When you look out for SEO services, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Let me find SEO services for my business”. What is affordable SEO services, the one that charges lesser money for their services? No, it should not be the case. Instead, hire the one that brings your business to top with great services like On-page, off-page optimization and content marketing. Look for all these qualities and you’ll know you have landed to a perfect match for your business.

This Article written by Thomas Miller is the Digital Marketing head at ClickMatix. He has expertise in SEO, PPC, SMO and also has experience of 10+ years in digital marketing. He took care of more than 1000 client and hundreds of web projects.