What is Fedora and When to Choose Fedora for VPS Hosting?


Linux-based operating systems have taken the world by storm due to their enhanced performance. Although people think that enterprises and firms do not use Linux-based servers, this is not true. Without a Linux operating system, a company cannot survive as it consists of essential features required by industries. 

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While numerous open-sourced Linux operating systems are readily available, the most popular and efficient one is Fedora, also known as Fedora Linux. Some people might be unaware of this term, so we will help these people by discussing Fedora. We will also look at when you should consider choosing Fedora for VPS hosting. 

What is Fedora?

Fedora is an operating system and a Linux distribution (distro) developed by the Fedora Project and Floss Community. Red Hat Enterprises support it. The Fedora Linux operating system is optimized for Linux Kernel. 

For those of you who do not know, Linux Kernel is the primary component of a Linux Operating System. It is therefore responsible for the communication between a computer’s hardware and the processes. 

Moreover, as the methodology or the working principle of the Fedora Linux operating system is based on the Linux operating system kernel architecture, it is restricted only for Linux users. The operating system is an open-source OS, and therefore, it is free. There are new versions of the Fedora operating system every year. So, you can check them out as well. 

What is Fedora used for?

Fedora is a versatile operating system or software, and hence, it can be used by programmers, developers, leading industries, and more. It is both; a general-purpose and a professional operating system designed to help you be innovative, creative, and meet your business requirements. 

The Fedora operating system has numerous features, such as extensive virus protection, advanced tools, and numerous desktop applications. By using Fedora, you do not have to worry about creating tailored solutions. 

Additional features of Fedora:

Moreover, Fedora operating system is user-friendly and perfect for beginners that want to use a Linux Operating System for the first time. The feature of live mode tools is also available that attracts professional programmers from all around the world. 

It has numerous packaged software and supports different architectures. Some of the most popular architectures include:

  • IBM Z
  • Intel i686 
  • IBM Power64le
  • ARM-hfp
  • MIPS-64el, and more. 

Mainly, there are two types of Fedora operating systems that includes Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server. Fedora Workstation is a Linux-based operating system that features numerous tools and applications. It is a more developer-focused operating system that has helped several innovators from all around the world. 

Fedora Server is also a Linux-based operating system and is more data center-focused software. The operating system helps to manage all your IT resources in the most convenient ways. The Fedora Server operating system is best for enterprises and offers high scalability of resources.

When to choose Fedora for VPS hosting 

If you are using Fedora operating system, you might want to use Fedora VPS hosting. Some of the reasons which indicate why you should use Fedora VPS type hosting are specified below.

  1. More storage and computational power

If you are using Fedora and want more computational power and capacity for your operating system, you should consider choosing Fedora hosting services. It may be the case if you are running two websites using your Fedora operating system. 

Running and managing two websites requires capacity and immense computational power that you cannot have without virtualization. 

Fedora VPS hosting providers, managed Fedora VPS hosting service providers, in particular, use virtualization to create IT services such as storage and CPU power to help you have the best experience. You can contact numerous providers and buy VPS Server with the best SSD Storage to increase the cloud memory. 

  1. Improved security 

While Fedora itself offers enhanced security, you may want to improve your website’s security and privacy due to numerous reasons. Choosing a Fedora VPS service also reduces the chance of your site getting hacked, which is relatively more in Shared hosting.

  1. Automatic updates

You should also consider choosing a Fedora VPS service, as choosing one would help your system be updated. Choosing a Fedora VPS hosting service provider makes you free from the headache of managing and updating your system, which in many cases, is not possible. 

Hence, as all the maintenance and up-gradation are done by your Fedora VPS service provider, your system gets an update as soon as they are available. 

  1. Scalability 

Another situation where you should contact a Fedora virtual private server hosting service provider is when you want to scale the resources. You may be using too many resources for your website that are not needed. Hence, doing this hurts your pocket and restricts you from spending on valuable IT resources. 

  • Fedora VPS service providers have professionals that constantly monitor your resources and your website’s performance.
  • Hence, they know how much IT resources are being used and how much should be used. Based on this analysis, Fedora VPS type hosting service providers automatically scale up or scale down your IT resources. 

For example, if you buy VPS Server with the best SSD Storage of about 120 GB and use only 60 GB for an extended period, this would cost you more without benefiting you. However, this would be analyzed by your Fedora VPS, which will lead them to scale down your plan to 70-80 GB. 

Some VPS hosting service providers do not charge you if they tend to upgrade your resources without telling you. Moreover, you only get charged according to the consumption of your resources which means you are not charged extra if you choose a reliable Fedora VPS hosting service provider. 

  1. If you are new to Fedora 

You can also select a Fedora VPS type hosting service provider if you are new to Fedora and want to continue your journey with it. Sometimes the operating system can be complicated for Linux users that are a beginner. But selecting a Fedora VPS type hosting service provider have professionals. These professionals guide you with the installation process that saves you time. 

Final Thoughts:

The above-specified points are all about what you need to know about Fedora Linux and when you should choose Fedora for VPS hosting. If you want to have the best Fedora VPS experience, make sure to buy VPS Server with the best SSD Storage.