What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important For Your Business?


With a firm grasp of what link building entails, you might have a chance in the ever-growing, ever-changing, and competitive SEO landscape. If you’ve never employed link building strategies to your marketing structure, you’re probably losing out on potential business.

Link building is how one acquires hyperlinks (links/ backlinks) to their websites from another referring domain. Put differently, as the name suggests, it’s getting other websites to insert links on their pages, which directly points towards yours. After reading this guide, you’ll understand what link building entails, how to capitalize on it, and, most importantly, why it’s essential for your business.

Why Is Link Building Important?

Search engines such as Google and Bing use crawlers (spiders) to establish connections between various pages on the World Wide Web. More links to your pages increases your site’s authority and importance in the grand scheme of things. 

For example, Google used an algorithm known as PageRank, which determines a webpage’s importance by looking at the number of links pointing to it. This algorithm also factors in the link’s quality and relevance from the keywords in the content. As a result, backlinks are a huge factor in helping search engines determine where a page will show up in search results.

Backlinks show their algorithm that your content is worth linking to because it provides value. In turn, Google is likely to show your content in search results because of more trustworthiness or authority to cater to people’s queries.

Search Engines Crawl The Web Through

It’s better to focus on getting links from sites with authority themselves. If your site receives a backlink from an established website, that’s more beneficial than thousands of low-quality links.

The algorithm (PageRank) might have changed in complexity, but the principle remains the same. Besides, Google themselves use backlinks as one of their top three ranking signals.

Even though search engine’s crawlers navigate pages through backlinks, you really can’t deceive them. 

For example, Google continuously changes its algorithm to catch up to sites that are receiving their links unnaturally. If they figure that your site received backlinks abnormally or through black hat methods, then your website won’t benefit from the connection. 

Worst still, your site might be penalized by the search engine and rank lower than ever before. According to amazonseoconsultant.com, black hat methods of link building can do more harm than good to your brand in the long term.

Link building is against Google’s terms of service, yet it still uses it as one of its most important search ranking metrics. Therefore, don’t fear being penalized by Google because of proactively seeking backlinks to your site. Even if you pick up a good link building strategy, don’t overuse it (over-optimization), lest your site gets penalized. Nevertheless, no search engine can discredit the value of useful resources.

Building Relationships

Get links from high-quality websites that enjoy more authority to increase your chances of ranking higher in search results. You can reach out to relevant blogs and websites in your niche. However, remember to make your outreach message personal if you want to get positive feedback from other brands. Don’t be too generic and be candid in your approach. More people are just shelling out emails for linking without showing prospective partners’ value.

A link from another website is just another way of sending in more potential clients or leads to your site. Best of all, if the link comes from a highly visited page, you can expect recurrent traffic from it. All you need to do is make sure the content on your page referred to by the link is relevant and adds value to your partner and customer.

When you add value to the other party, they’ll also look forward to building long term relationships with your business. Consequently, this also makes your brand trusted and highly regarded by both prospective clients and website crawlers. 

Sending Referral Traffic

Backlinks help website crawlers and funnel potential customers to your site. People coming from another website they regularly visit are more likely to convert after clicking on your referral link. Therefore, make the most of this type of traffic because it’s more valuable than others.

There are many online services such as Ghost Marketing, which you can employ to identify the referring backlinks, their quality, and your site’s page history. With such data, determine if the backlinks towards your pages are of benefit. Leverage technology in your link building endeavors and determine the return on investment. With the right link building strategies, you’ll see traffic to your page rise steadily.

Good backlinks are obtained through legitimate means. Generate the most meaningful content, and your page is bound to get more links. Sure, good content is hard to create, but you’ll reap the rewards slowly but surely. 

Brand Building

Link building is an important technique you can use to get your brand out there, and this only grows exponentially once the wheels start rolling. With newfound links to your site’s pages, you’ll receive more traffic and potential customers and steadily increase authority in your niche. A good link building strategy can bring massive amounts of traffic, without spending a lot of money.

Reach out to other brands in your industry and create content that they find beneficial. Appease them to link to your pages as credible sources of further information. Content can range from posts, tools, graphics, or even your primary sales page. 

Most importantly, your content has to be more thorough than competing links or add more value to the other party. If there is no value to be gained from your material, other brands will not find any worth linking to them.

Higher Ranking In SEO

A link from another site is a vote of confidence to your page. Link building is an activity you must perform if you want your website’s pages to rank in Google. Since Google has over 90 percent in the search engine market share, with others fighting for scraps, it’s probably better to focus on what they need. 

With more connections, you’ll boost your site’s authority, and overall increase its chances of showing up in Google’s search results. Most, if not all, search engines use links to an exceedingly high degree to determine page rankings. Therefore, you cannot overlook them in your SEO strategy. Additionally, your online business can acquire many other benefits by acquiring high quality and easy to convert traffic from relevant links.