What is SIEM and Ways to Enhance Your SIEM?


How seriously do you take your business security? High priority right? Organizations store a lot of confidential information about their business and customers. If any of this information falls into the wrong hands it will become troublesome. With the advent of technology, along with innovations, the threat landscape has also been accelerating. Most businesses assume that taking necessary security precautions can keep their data safe. However, hackers are also becoming highly intelligent. They are also hacking secure systems with ease. 

Is there a way to protect businesses data from data threats? Yes, you must implement a data security solution that monitors all the data storage sources and provides you with real-time information in case any events are discovered. SIEM is the data security solution that takes data from multiple systems and catches any abnormalities in real-time. Before moving forward, let’s understand what SIEM is first.

What is SIEM?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. This is a software solution that analyzes the activities of multiple resources of your organization’s IT infrastructure. The sources from which it collects information includes domain controllers, network devices, servers, etc. The main purpose of this solution is that along with collecting security data it also monitors and alerts in case any abnormal activities are encountered. This will provide your business with an option to investigate the trend. Also, it will prioritize the events and indicate to you about the event so that you know which event or threat needs immediate attention. 

Wondering how SIEM works? Well, there are usually two responses that SIEM provides in case of an incident.

  • One, Reporting about the security threat.
  • Two, Analytics-based alerts to indicate about the incident. 

However, the incident has to match the ruleset they have created in their analytics. Simply put, SIEM is a data search, aggregator, and reporting solution. This solution gathers the data from the entire network and then makes it understandable for humans. There are many SIEM service providers available in the market. Compare the features they are offering and then choose. You can check out the SIEM as a service from Logit.io. They are offering a free trial for 14 days too.

Ways to enhance your SIEM

Even though most businesses implement SIEM solutions to protect their business from data threats, only 21% of them have been using this service to its full potential. Do you think your business is using the SIEM solution for its potential? Well, stick to the end of this article to find ways to enhance your SIEM.

Never Underestimate referential data

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make when it comes to SIEM solutions is overlooking the significance of referential data. The referential data is periodically updated. So if you use the referential data you will be able to understand the business context of the real-time flowing data. Referential data such as the vulnerability scan results, asset lists, threat intelligence data will help you in prioritizing the events. Your team doesn’t have to sit around hours investigating which event needs immediate attention as the referential data will help you in sorting it out. Not only does it save time it also adds a layer of business context to the data you have found in the event.

Integration with business applications

Most of the security recommendations or decisions about security are taken by the CISO/CSO’s. However, they usually provide recommendations such as improving infrastructure and adding additional security control to the IT infrastructure. But instead of this if the business monitors and secures important business applications it will improve the revenue. Applying SIEM technology to business applications will be more secure and beneficial as it will allow you to build dashboards for each application separately. They can easily identify violations or misuse of applications quickly. It will become easier for your team to find all types of suspicious behaviour and nub them in the bud. Your business can save expenses as they will avoid expensive and dangerous data breaches.

Value Assessment

Once the SIEM is implemented into your business ecosystem, you must assess the value of the data that you have been collecting. As you see, if you don’t periodically check the value there may be low-value data flowing into your SIEM solution. If more and more low-value data flows into your system naturally the efficiency of your SIEM will reduce and you will not get much return on your investment. The most possible solution is to regularly examine and review the data for forensic purposes. Having less low-value data will increase the efficiency of your SIEM solutions.

Focus on the Output

In a business IT environment there is more than one data source. When businesses implement SIEM in an IT infrastructure they add all the possible sources from which data can be collected. If you have also been doing this, stop this practice. It will not be helpful as your system has to process a massive amount of log data, which may have little to no value for your organization from the analytical perspective. Instead of wasting time and resources, it would be better to focus on the output that you would like to have from SIEM rather than input. So before you add all the possible sources it would be beneficial if you could add only sources that you want to find the alerts or reports from. Find those sources in advance and add them to find the more manageable and valuable data that would help you create a rule set for analysis. 

Wrapping up

As you have made it to the end of this article, you would have found out more about SIEM and how you can enhance your SIEM interface. SIEM software solutions will protect your organization from any sudden data threats. SIEM will take care of the threats that even look a little suspicious. It is cost-effective, reducing the impact of security events, and most importantly improves efficiency. So investing in this Security information and event management software will truly be worthwhile.