What Is the Average Net Worth by Age?


A lot of people are interested in their own net worth. You can think of that number as a report card that determines how you compare to your age group when it comes to earning and owning assets. Of course, this includes all the liabilities such as debt, loans, and mortgages. 

If you know how much you are worth, that can motivate you to earn more, learn valuable new skills, change your niche, change your job, or switch your investment strategies. Everyone wants a secure future, but you need a comparison to move forward. You can go to this link to find out more. 

Plus, this metric will keep you on track when it comes to fulfilling your financial goals. What most people get wrong is the thought about averages. An example will make it much clearer. Let us take two people from the same age group. One of them earns 30 000 a year as a server, and the other earns 150 000 as an electrical engineer. 

The average earnings between them would be 90 000 dollars. The more people you add, the more distorted the picture gets. The one percent are earning so much money that the entire average becomes invalid. That is why it is much better to calculate the median. 

That is a number that represents the middle in any group which almost nullifies the outliers who earn a ton of money. It is a much better representation of the real picture than the average.  

What are the numbers by age? 

Let us get into the numbers. If you are below the age of 35, the median net worth is 15 000 dollars, while the average is 75 thousand. Most people in this group have switched a couple of jobs and have finally started to settle in their preferred industry. Visit this page for more info https://wellkeptwallet.com/increase-net-worth/. 

College debt is also included in the mix, and that is why the numbers are so low. The next stage is for people aged 35 to 45. Their average net worth is 400 000 dollars, while the median is less than 90 000. If we look at the averages, there are huge jumps between age groups. 

You might be thinking to yourself, where are all these wealthy people, and why are you not a part of them. That is because a small number of them have a lot of money. Next, come the people between 45 and 55. This group has a median of 170 000 per person and an average of 800 000. It is like almost everyone you know at this age has two rental properties earning money for them.  

How can you make more money? 

Nowadays, it is quite easy to make more money and make it work for you. As the saying goes, money is the worst master, and it is the best worker if you know how to use it. You can visit myretirementpaycheck for more information. First, you are going to need to live below your means. 

Whenever you get a pay rise, do not raise your standard. Keep it the same for a year or two, and you will notice that nothing significant changes. You do not need a new car or phone if your old ones are working properly. Do not fix anything that is not broken. 

That’s going to leave a lot of money available for investing. One of the hottest trends at the moment is the cryptocurrency space. People are making millions overnight. Spend some time learning valuable skills and try out freelancing. That can be another way to sell your time for extra money. 

There’s also the option of making a passive income by creating an online course or selling an eBook. There’s no limit to how many digital products you can sell. Invest a bit of money initially to share your knowledge about a specific subject. This is going to work extremely well if you’re an expert in your niche. 

What’s basic knowledge to your might be a fascinating skill or piece of information for someone else. Look at where money is draining out each month and cancel online subscriptions for services that you’re not using. If you don’t watch TV, cancel your cable television. Finally, when you’re out buying something, use cash instead of a card because that reduces impulse purchasing and makes you think before you spend.