A great logo is an essential component of a successful brand. This is true in all industries. Think of the brands that you see in your day to day life. For all of these, their logo will be just as recognizable as the name itself. In fact, the power of a brand is that it is more than a name, it can be recognized even by those who don’t speak the same language.

The beauty industry is an industry all about looks. As you would expect, this means that beauty customers seem to be particularly discerning about the logos of the brands they shop with. Between consumers and beauty companies, a kind of shorthand has developed. Certain characteristics in the logo communicate the product and the underlying brand to consumers.


The first key ingredient of a great beauty business logo is awareness. This means having a good understanding of what consumers want, and what their relationship to the brand in question is. A great example of this is the logo for Origins, a business who prides themselves on their all-natural ingredients. Their simple logo of a green tree, with the brand name beneath, instantly and effectively communicates the business ethos.  You can check out other great beauty logos on the DesignRush website – they ranked the top beauty logos in the country, and the list is well worth checking out.

Being aware doesn’t require any fancy design flourishes. In fact, as with the above example, the most aware brands are able to communicate through their logos with the simplest of design techniques.


In order to set themselves apart from all the other businesses operating in the same space, brands need logos that stand apart. On the shelf, many beauty products look all but identical but the thing that sets them apart is the branding. Brands need a logo which is recognizable, even when it is only glanced at.

A signature color, one that isn’t used by a business’s rivals, can instantly boost their brand recognition by as much as 80%. This shows the strength of a strong brand identity and also highlights the importance of having an original logo.


There was a time when a business would have to consider the medium upon which their logo would be printed when designing it. By contrast, logos today are expected to be displayed across a variety of platforms and mediums. A great brand logo is designed with multiple platforms in mind. The Glossier logo is a great example of a multi-platform logo. The elegant graphic, coupled with the clear text, will look just as great on a screen as it will when sewn onto a patch.

The Tone

Some beauty brands, like Yves Saint Laurent, cater to a luxury, high-end market. Other beauty brands are geared towards the average penny-pinching consumer. A good logo will communicate instantly to customers what sort of business is behind it. The accompanying infographic summarizes the most common tones.

A great brand needs a great logo. Beauty companies, perhaps more than those in other industries, know all about good design. The best beauty logos reinforce brand loyalty, while also letting potential customers know what to expect.