What needs to be taken care while you are choosing a business phone system?


Do you know that the right business phone service can increase your revenue by 74%

Yes, it is right. We all know that the phone system is the spine of any business. It helps a business create a communication channel within and outside the organization for smooth functioning, team management, revenue generation, customer satisfaction, and so on. The more reliable and robust your phone system is, the higher would be your chance to emerge as the industry’s leader.

That is why one has to aim eagles’ eye while hunting down the phone service provider. With so many options, choosing the one is indeed a tough job.  Here are some of the critical factors that need your attention while choosing your future small business phone number provider.

Is the cost charged justified?

No matter what you purchase, the cost involved is the first factor that needs your attention. The cost directly depends upon which system you are choosing, types of services you are availing and how many extensions you are asking for.

Cloud-based business phone systems usually cost you less than an on-premise system. Plus, they demand nearly zero maintenance. Starting from the hardware too after sales, everything will be taken care of by the service provider itself, and you will pay an amount monthly. This type of phone system is the best pick for small scale businesses.

On the other hand, on-premise virtual phone system comes with a hefty initial cost but proves as a great deal in the long run. Usually, it is an excellent pick for enterprise-level organizations.

So, before you are going to buy a phone system, understand:

  • What is the size of your organization?
  • How much is your spending capacity?
  • How many communication points you need?
  • Are you ready to bear the maintenance cost?

Once you understand these upfront expenses, it’s time to pay attention to other expenses such as per call charges, international call charges, and SMS charges.

Some business phone service providers offer pre-made plans with some free calling minutes and SMS. They are usually easy-on-the-pocket. As you are going to pay for these charges every month, make sure you pick the one which offers the best deal.

Are you planning to expand?

Each business wants to explore the international market. The global market is appealing, revenue-oriented, and offers ample opportunities. Thus, it is essential that your business phone service provider should be offering its services at a global level. Those who do can help you reduce your international operational cost. You can work with the same exciting number on a global level. Plus, you can buy a local virtual number of your future business hub at an affordable cost.

What set of features do they offer?

Gone are those days when phones were supposed to make/receive calls. Today’s environment demands more than this. Answer your calls as quickly as possible; it should be able to send SMS and make video calls. Also, you can record them for future references.  So, it is essential that your phone system should be having a specific set of features. We have explained a few for you.

Call recording

This feature helps you to record a call, save it on cloud-space, and extract data from it for various purposes. On the other hand, it is necessary for record-keeping and quality and training purposes. You can also set call recording preferences based upon your requirements. It integrates well with the CRM system and helps you deliver customer-oriented services.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding is an important feature that every small business phone system should have to deliver par excellence customer service. What this feature does is forward the incoming call in case the current line is busy/unavailable/out of coverage area.

By using call forwarding, you can forward your calls to any person or office number and make sure that not a single call gets missed.  It can also be done based on employees’ shifts.


Interactive voice response is another feature that your future business phone system should have without fail. This feature helps your customers to reach their desired assistance easily.

On-hold music

This feature helps in making the on-hold time period for callers a pleasant experience. You can set the customized message and your business signature tune as your on-hold music. This stops your customers to disconnect abruptly and increase customer interaction by all means.

Other than these, features like call queuing, voicemail, mobile app support, call distribution, and call extensions are some additional features that your phone system should have.

For Example- If someone is in the UK and want to call the USA than they can use US virtual phone number

A phone system is what all sorts of businesses need to reach out to the customers and business associates. It is the foundation of a successful business. That is why each business should be little conscious while choosing the business phone service provider.